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In the Belly of the Whale (EA3B)
Special Air Detachment - 2
Courtesy of Swede Swenson
SAD 1 - 2 Homepage
aravcrew.gif - 2.5 K

Army Security Agency Aviation-Europe
History of SEMA ASA Aviation
U.S. Army Special Mission Aircraft
Webmaster Dennis Buley

Field Station Menwith Hill
13th USASAFS-Menwith Hill, England

13theagle.gif - 5.25 K
Courtesy of Gordon Rehburg
(click for larger)
13th USASAFS Alumni HP

Menwith Hill Remembered
Webmaster Bill Simons
13th USASAFS - Golf Ball Factory
from Federation of American Scientists
13th USASAFS circa. 1960
from Ron Knief

Field Station Augsburg
sysengdi.GIF - 9.23 K
fsa.gif - 24.62 K
fsaug1sm.gif - 6.27 K
Field Station Augsburg Homepage
Webmaster Arne Mahlum
SED Patch
Courtesy of Rodney G. Davis
Field Station Augsburg-1974
Photo Courtesy of Gary Bode
La Faire Vite System-Field Station Augsburg1976
Photo's Courtesy of Gary Bode
Field Station Holiday Inn
Story by Bill Kratzer
FLR-9 Bier
from Tony Foster

Field Station Bad Aibling
18th USASAFS - Bad Aibling, Germany -328th ASA

Bad Aibling Kaserne
Photo Courtesy of Bill Wetzel
Bad Aibling Today
Photo Courtesy of Lanning Hochhauser
Bad Aibling:ASA In The Bavarian Alps
ASA Hallmark Article - Courtesy of Dave Shively
Field Station Baumholder
11th USASAFS-ASAFS 8611-Baumholder, Germany
11th USASAFS Pics
courtesy of
Gordon Rehberg

Field Station Berlin
78th/54th ASA SOU - USASAFS Berlin - Berlin,Germany

FS Berlin Reunion Page
Jeff Gammon Webmaster
Field Station Berlin-1974
Photo's Courtesy of Dan Merrill
Site III Teuffelsberg -1983
Photo Courtesy of Arne Mahlum
The Death of Woebeck
Courtesy of Ed Railsback and Al Murdock

Frankfurt. Germany
The Frankfurt Crew:1952
Courtesy of Paul Welch
Frankfurt / Schneeberg:Today
Courtesy of Ed Railsback
Confessions of a Monterey Mary
Story by Ed Railsback
Mt. Meisner-Altefeld Germany
Start Up
by Merv Balyeat

Storys by
Dean Slagle-Dan Baranowski
HQ USASAEUR - Frankfurt Germany.
ASA Hallmark Article- ourtesy of Dave Shively
NCS MSDEurope 1967

Field Station Herzo
USASAFS Herzo-Herzogenaurauch, Germany

Herzo and Dets 1965-67
Photo's Courtesy of Dick Routt
Herzo Weed
Story by Dick Routt
History of the Eckstein Border Sites:1958 - 1993
By Harrison Wallace

Company 'B' 319th ASA Battalion
Lubeck, Germany
Luebeck Association
Don Meyer Webmaster
Field Station Rothwesten
17th USASAFS - Rothwesten,Germany

17thlogos.gif - 8.70 K
ROTWGATE.gif - 19.54 K
rotwestemclb.gif - 9.92 K
The Elusive 17th USASAFS Unofficial Logo
Courtesy of John Longwitz
FS Rothwesten 'C' Trick-1964
Courtesy of Bill Frankum
17th FS Duty Roster 1964-67
Courtesy of Bill Frankum
ASA Hallmark Article - Courtesy of Dave Shively

Field Station Scheyern
USASAFS 8608- Scheyern, Germany
ASA Alpiner's Reunion Group


75th ASA Co Aviano , Italy
600th ASA Co Vicenza , Italy
by Michael G Mulich

15th-det27.GIF - 31.57 K
Manzarali Station
15th USASAFS -TUSLOG Detachment 27
MANZARALI STATION Homepage 1964-66
Mark Hamilton Webmaster

Roy Des Ruisseaux Webmaster
blank15.gif - 0.18 K

Diogenes Station
TUSLOG Detachment 4 - Sinop, Turkey

Dioge1sm.gif - 5.19 K
thehill.GIF - 53.2 K
Det4_2lg.gif - 3.09 K
Sinop Homepage
Bill Simons Webmaster
Sinop Patch
Courtesy of Marion Papaciak
Courtesy of Dave Shively
Courtesy of Bill Simons
Courtesy of Ron Knief
Postcards From Sinop
Artist unknown date unknown - Courtesy of Jay Musikar
Operations site Sinop 1984
Photo Courtesy of Michael Kitzmiller
Life On The Hill
ASA Hallmark Article - Courtesy of Dave Shively
Sinop Story
Sinop Pictures
by Otis Slusher

Kagnew Station
4th USASAFS - Asmara , Eritrea

mgkgnw48.gif - 19.67 K
oldkag.gif - 4.56 K
Kagnew Station Homepage
Rick Fourtney Webmaster

Jerry Pry's Page
Jerry Pry Webmaster

4th USASAFS Homepage
Webmaster George Zasadil

Guard Co Kagnew Station Homepage
WebmasterBoyce Cox

Jerry Pry's Kagnew Photo's
Photos by Jerry Pry

Welcome to Kagnew Station: 1964 Brochure
Courtesy of MAJ. Jim Boyce USASA/MI ret.

Eritrea Today

Kagnew 1957
by Art Adolphsen

Kagnew Wheels
from Larry Smith

Kagnew Station 1948-52
Courtesy of J.J. "Okie" O'Connor

Kagnew Station 1967-68
Courtesy of maddog

Got Drunk
by Harvey Nichols

Monkey Business
by Don Tipton

Old Man of the Mountain
by maddog

Wayne "Sailor" Dickinson
from Al Marzian

Cathedral San Antonio, Asmara
by George Zasadil

The Gross Crew
by George Zasadil

The Last Fire Drill
by George Zasadil

ASA Asmara:The Adventuresome Tour
ASA Hallmark Article - Courtesy of Dave Shively

Memories of an 058
by Ralph R. Reinhold

Rocking at the Oasis
Photo's by Bob Dymond

The Unprovoked Assault on the USS Liberty AGTR-5 8 June 1967
The Events
by Jim Ennes
The Cover Up
- by syndicated columnist Charley Reese
The USS Liberty
by maddogs Cyber History VR Liberty Page
For More Info go to :
Jim Ennes's USS Liberty Homepage
assault.GIF - 19.5 K
Chapter One: Africa, Sudden Orders, And a Prophecy
reprinted with permission of the author
Jim Ennes
Interested in a hardcover copy signed by the author?
Drop us a line at: ASAONLINE

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