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Special Air Detachment 1
By Ron Eddins
SAD 1 - 2 Homepage
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Special Air Detachment 3
Camp Humphries
Republic of Korea

History of SEMA ASA Aviation
Dennis Buley's U.S. Army Special Mission Aircraft HomePage

"Mekhala Station"
USASA Fld Sta Bangkok
5th RRU
Seri Court

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"First in Bangkok"
by Paul P. Codinha
Seri Court - 5th RRU
Pics Courtesy of Gary Winn Kay
History of the 5th RRU
Gary Winn Kay

"Ramasun Station"
7th USASA Field Station
7th RRFS
USASA Field Station Udorn
Udorn, Thailand

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7th RRFS- 'Ramasun Station' - Homepage
Webmaster William Bogart
Photos by Charles Burger
MARS Station
Photos by Russell Lentz
"6 Guys and a 3/4 Ton Truck"
Story by Don Collins
"Another soul on the Lost Highway"
Story by Bill Bogart
"ARDF and Me"
Photos and stuff from
R.L. "Bob" Davis
Ramasun Station a Brief History

Torii Station
Field Station 8603d AAU
3rd USASA Fld Sta
USASA Field Station Sobe
Sobe , Okinawa

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8603d Futema 1955
fm Paul Watson
by Glenn Eckfeld
Torii Station Homepage
Webmaster John Ambrose
Torii Story--and More 1968 - 1971
Story by Ray Kopczynski
Torii Station Scrapbook:1968 - 1971
Stuff from Ray Kopczynski
"The Best in the Business" :ASA in Okinawa
Article from ASA Hallmark Courtesy of Dave Shively
"Memories of an 058" Torii Station
by Ralph R. Reinhold

76th USASA Special Operations Unit
Field Station Taiwan
Shu Linkou Air Station
Taiwan, Republic of China

ASA Taiwan
Article from ASA Hallmark-Courtesy of Dave Shively
USASAFS Taiwan Homepage
Webmaster Vern Greunke

Field Station Korea
501st USASA Group Korea
177th USASA Operations Battalion
Camp Humphries
Pyong Taeck
Det "B"
Republic of Korea

Cloth Shoulder Patch's - 226th ASA Co.
Courtesy of Ron Taylor,Gil Dudley & Jim Wandell

226th ASA Operations Company
Kanghwa-Do, Korea-1963-by Ron Taylor
Det "L" Det "M"
Photos Courtesy of Coke Poe
Story by Doug Alward
Photo byJim Thompson
Vigilance from North to South:
The Story of USASA Group Korea
Article from ASA Hallmark-Courtesy of Dave Shively

Field Station Philipines
Field Station 8609th AAU
9th USASA Field Station
Philippine Islands

9th Detachment - 2nd Signal Service Battalion
Operations Building & MacKay Radio Hut
Photo by Bill Wetzel
Las Pinas Receiver Site
Photo by Bill Wetzel
Hq 9th USASAFS 1962
Photo by Jim Murphy
The Boyz 1962
Photo by Jim Murphy

Camp Stafford
Field Station 8610 AAU
10th USASA Field Station
126th Signal Service Company
Kyoto, Japan

126s.gif - 13.4 K
Kyoto "J3KVI" QSO Card
Courtesy of Wayne

Kuma Station
Field Station 8612 AAU
12th USASA Field Station
USASA Field Station Chitose
Chitose ,Japan

ksignx.gif - 5.0 K
Camp Kuma (Chitose, Japan) Homepage
Webmaster Crazy Stick"

Field Station Misawa
Misawa Japan

Field Station Hakata
Field Station 8614th AAU
14th USASA Field Station

14th USASAFS Hakata Website
Denis R. Graham Webmaster

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