Religious Activities

The Post Chapel offers services to all military and dependent personnel.

A wide variety of religious activities for those of various faiths are conducted by the Post Chapel. A schedule of activities is:



0945 Sunday School - age 3 to adult

1100 General Protestant Worship Service

1300 Latter Day Saint's Service

1530 First Sunday of every quarter - Lutheran Communion Service

1830 Protestant Youth of the Chapel (Jr. and Sr. High)

1930 Evening Worship Service


1330 Every 4th Monday of each month, Protestant Women (Place to be announced in Sunday Service Bulletin)


1000 2nd Tuesday of each month, Protestant Women sewing (Place to be announced)


1930 Bible Study in the Post Chapel


1900 Choir Practice in the Post Chapel NOTE: Once a month either Sunday morning or Monday night the Protestant Men of the Chapel have their meeting. This meeting will be announced in the Sunday Service Bulletin in advance.


Catholic personnel have as their chaplain a Franciscan Father from the city of Asamara.

Persons wishing an appointment with the Father may make arrangements through the Post Chapel Office.

Services are conducted in the regular Post Chapel and in the Small Chapel located in the dependent housing area.


0730 Mass & Communion in the Small Chapel

1200-1215 Holy Communion in the Small Chapel



0845 Confession

0900 Mass, Benediction - Post Chapel

1730 Mass, Benediction - Post Chapel


1530 Legion of Mary - Post Chapel (Teenagers)

1800 Priest in office for consultation


0930 Catechism Classes - grades 1 through 8. Held in the Community Center Tract "A"

1100 Children's Choir Practice - Post Chapel

1430 Classes for pre-schoolers - Post Chapel

1530 Alter boys' practice - Post Chapel

1600-1800 Confession


1st Sunday of the month: Rosarian's Day, Communion together during early Mass.

1st Tuesday of the month: Rosarian Alter meeting at 1000 hrs. Place to be announced in Sunday Mass Bulletin.

1st Friday of the month: Mass of the Sacred Heart in the Post Chapel at 1700 hrs. 1745 hours; Holy Name Society Meeting.

2nd Sunday of the month: Holy Name Day. Communion together and other devotions during the early Mass.

Clothing from drives conducted at Kagnew Station by chapel groups have helped orphans and needy children of northern Ethiopia.

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