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509th Radio Research Group
Headquarters and Services Company

Organized: 1 June 1966
Cover Designation: 509th Radio Research Group
Supported Command: MACV and USARV
Assigned Command: USASA Pacific
Location: Saigon
Redesignation: US Army Security Group, Vietnam on 15 December 1967
Discontinued: 7 March 1973
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 3-17
Vietnam Honors: 3 MUCs and 2 RVN CGP

Lineage: Initially designated the 400th ASA Special Operations Unit (23/04/61 - 20/09/61), later became the 82nd ASA Special Operations Unit (20/09/61 - 01/11/64), and then the 53rd ASA Special Operations Command,HQ & HQ & SVCS Co. of the 509th Radio Research Group was finally organized under General Order (GO)48,HQ USASA ,dated 20 May 1966 effective date of 1 June 1966

Mission: The mission of the 509th Radio Research Group was to provide Signal Intelligence and Communications Security to the Commander, US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (COMUSMACV).The mission of Headquarters and Services Company (HQ & Svcs Co.) was to provide administrative and logistical support to the personnel assigned or attached to Hqs 509th RR Group.
Order of Battle FY 1967
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Military Corps Regions Map
FY 1967 with 509th RRGp
Subordinate Unit Locations
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