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509th Radio Research Group

Lineage & Honors
Courtesy of Dennis Buley
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The 400th USASA Operations Unit (Provisional) was activated in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam on 23 May 1961 to oversee all USASA operations in Vietnam. Its "cover" designation was the 3rd Radio Research Unit (3rd RRU). The 3rd RRU was located at Tan Son Nhut Airbase. On 20 Sep 1961, the 400th USASA Operations Unit (Provisional) was discontinued and the 82nd USASA Special Operations Unit was created. The "cover" name, 3rd RRU was retained.

In January 1962, the facility occupied by the 3rd RRU was named "Davis Station" in honor of SP4 James T. Davis who had been killed in Vietnam on 22 Dec 1961.

The first ARDF aircraft sent to Vietnam were three RU-6As that were assigned to the Aviation Section of the 3rd RRU beginning in March 1962. These were followed by seven more RU-6As in 1963. These aircraft were called SEVEN ROSES. Also joining the 3rd RRU in 1963 were the first two RU-8D aircraft and one U-8F (this aircraft may or may not have been designated as an RU-8F). In any event, DF performance in the U-8F was unsatisfactory and the DF gear was removed from the aircraft and the aircraft was retained for liason duties. This group was followed by the seven RU-6A and ten RU-8D CHECKMATE aircraft. Aircraft from the 3rd RRU were forward deployed to Da Nang, Phu Bai and Can Tho. The last group of RU-6A and RU-8D were called WINEBOTTLE or CEFISH PERSON and consisted of a total of twenty-seven RU-6A and RU-8D. Also in use was the one-of-a-kind PATHFINDER RCV-2B Caribou 62-4147.

On 1 Nov 1964, the 82nd USASA Operations Unit was redesignated as the 53rd USASA Special Operations Command. This designation remained until 1 Jun 1966 when the 509th USASA Group was organized. The "cover" designation was then changed from the 3rd RRU to the 509th Radio Research Group.

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