176th ASA Company - 76th ASA SOU

Shu Lin Kou Air Staton

Those of you sober enough to remember the main gate
as we passed in/out on our way to and from Taipei should recognize
the sign rendering done by "Maddog" Mike Doran

Front Gate Shu Lin Kou Taiwan

Picture of main gate Shu Lin Kou by Dick Betchel - Mandan, ND

"... I just returned from a ten day trip to the island and was amazed at how things have changed, for the worst, I'm afraid. I don't ever remember it being so hot and humid. The rice paddies past San Chung and across the valley to Linkou no longer exist -- all built up. Linkou is a well-to-do suburb, so I'm told. There are now trees lining Chungshan bei-lu (which is nice, but I preferred it the way it was before). The Linkou Club is a restaurant, and the MAAG compound is an open field. Taichung is a major metropolitan area of over a million. The Ambassador Hotel is there, but my favorite drinking spot, the Sky View Lounge, has been rennovated as a restaurant.
All very sickening. ... "

"... The old "63 Club," the NCO club across the Keelung River has now become the American Club, so that remains.
The district around the old Linkou Club area is still a bar district, of sorts. Bars are now called "Pubs," and the guide books call the haven, "Sugardaddy Alley," a carryover from the old days. What remains? The taxicab drivers are as crazy as ever,
and the women as beautiful. Cheers."

Bruce Redwine, 76th USASASOU, 65-66 - Theirflosi@aol.com

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