ASA GEAR - My PX Station - Your SUPPORT is GREATLY Appreciated!!

After numerous inquiries like:
"Where can I get an ASA Patch, shirt, mug, mousepads, etc.?"
I located a place that would do just that! So the answers is ... HERE!

Various ASA imprinted wear/ware at my drop-ship stores -
Shirts, Mugs, Caps, and Boxer Shorts and Thongs!

ASA - "The Patch"
Fort Devens
Vigilant Always
ASA Seal
ASA Covers the Globe
ASATC&S Ft. Devens
Shemya FS
318th Herzobase
Kagnew Station (1)
Kagnew Station (2)
301st ASA
303rd ASA/RR Bn
311th ASA
313th ASA/RR Bn

Order any of the above directly through website.

I supply the artwork, they do all the rest - production, sales and shipping.
(DO NOT combine with orders for merchandise available below)

New 1" - ASA Hat Pin (True Teal!) or use as Lapel Pin or Tie Tack $7 or 2 for $10

Pay Pal Payment to:
or send payment in cash, good check or money order to:

Vern Greunke
PO Box 124, Cedar Bluffs, NEBRASKA 68015-0124

Read Two Excerpts from the book here: