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Berlin Cover
Voices Under Berlin - T.H.E. Hill
- The Tale of a Monterey Mary
The 9539th does to the Secret Cold War what the 4077th did to the Korean War
This is the tale of one of the early skirmishes of the secret Cold War told with a pace and a black humor reminiscent of that used by Joseph Heller (Catch-22) and Richard Hooker (M*A*S*H*). It is set against the backdrop of the CIA cross-sector tunnel operation in Berlin (PBJOINTLY). It is the story of the ASA-ers who worked the tunnel, and how they fought for a sense of purpose against boredom and the enemy both within and without.
About the Author - T.H.E. Hill served at Field Station Berlin in the mid-1970s, following a tour at Herzo Base in the early 1970s. He is a three-time graduate of DLIWC. A collection of his short stories received an award at the 2006 Hollywood Book Festival. He is a member of the Military Writers Society of America.
“VOICES was a treat to read because it accurately, amusingly, and respectfully captures—as never before was so well done—the carefree yet dedicated attitude of U.S. military intelligence linguists. With humor, VOICES describes how intelligence folks successfully and honorably worked in Berlin, as they did worldwide, to defeat the Soviets in the Cold War.” — Bruce Ford, veteran of Field Station Berlin in the 1960s, and webmaster of the FSB Vets Group.
All T.H.E. Hill’s novels are available via You can read a sample at:

Reunification: A Monterey Mary Returns to Berlin - A Stasi spy on Teufelsberg?
From T.H.E. Hill— the award-winning author of Voices Under Berlin: The Tale of a Monterey Mary—on the 50th anniversary (1963-2013) of the first permanent buildings on Teufelsberg, the operational home of Field Station Berlin.
The Stasi Musik files on Tberg were shredded when the Berlin Wall fell, but shredding was only secure before today’s computers. Follow along with Mike as he tries to identify the Stasi source covernamed Musik from the reconstructs of the shredded files. Mike Troyan got to know the divided city of Berlin as a Monterey Mary at the Army Security Agency Field Station there. His peaceful retirement from the CIA is derailed when he returns to post-Wall, reunified Berlin to write a book about the Stasi, and one of the ghosts of his Berlin past sends him to the ER to be stitched together on the evening of his first day back. This does not bode well for his project, because this ghost is Ilse, the mother of the Director of the Stasi Archive where Mike will be working. She used to be Mike’s long-haired dictionary. She is clearly not happy to see him.
The plot thickens when Mike reads his own Stasi file, and discovers that someone was reporting on him to the Stasi while he was at the Field Station. Standard counter-intelligence logic suggests that the Stasi source was Ilse, but Mike does not want that to be the case, because it would mean that he was wrong, and Security was right. He scours the darkened recesses of his memory in search of other suspects for the title of Musik, the covername for the Stasi asset reporting on him. Wearing his case-officer hat, Mike imagines how easy it would have been for him to recruit each of the rogues’ gallery of characters he served with in ASA at Field Station Berlin. Then add an IRA informant in witness protection who thinks that Mike is a hit man sent to settle an old score. Serve stirred, not shaken in the form of a classic espionage whodunit, garnished with a dash of moral ambiguity provided by the people that Mike meets in his travels around Berlin who force him to compare the Old Berlin to the New, and the CIA to the Stasi.
All T.H.E. Hill’s novels are available via You can read a sample at:

That’s right, a crackling good novel, THE WALDENTAL GASTHAUS, has been written about ASA men living and working at an outstation in West Germany during the Cold War. Relive your own experiences and get involved as Greg Barnes falls in love and has adventures that other men envy or shun. But there are more than a dozen men at the station and all contribute both madcap and occasionally tragic sides to this entertaining novel. You’ll find it impossible to put down and when you’ve finished it, you’ll undoubtedly wave it at your spouse and buddies and proudly say, "Now this was my outfit!"
Autographed, first edition copies are available directly from the author at PO Box 723, Meadview, AZ 86444. Send check or money order for $23.00 (includes S&H) for each copy. Arizona residents add $1.17 sales tax.

The Waldental Gasthaus by Ron McGraw (Outskirts Press, 290 PP, $19.95 + S&H) Available at the author/publisher’s web site:, through, Barnes&, etc., or through your local book store.

Also look for Harry Black & The Delphi Conspiracy and Harry Black & The Egyptian Conspiracy at Amazon and Barnes&

No. 1 Code Boy - John Milmore
#1 Code Break Boy - John Milmore
- Communications Intelligence in the Korean War
The only first hand authentic account of the daily life of the young enlisted code breakers in the U.S. Army and their amazing achievements in the Korean War. Lays bare fascinating TOP SECRETS suppressed by NSA for over 50 years.
$19.95 Available from
or toll free
(877) 289-2665
for more info:
This is a worthwhile book where the author sticks to codebreaking and related details in the Korean war. -CRYPTOLOGIA Quarterly magazine, Published at the United States Military Academy.
"I appreciate your having written this book. . . I also really admire your perseverance in getting it published.. we deserve some visibility and recognition" - James J. K., [cryptanalyst ASAPAC - Tokyo].
"An excellent review of code-breaking and activities of the Army Security Agency during the Korean War. For those who served in the ASA it gives a good history of what it was like back then. Some of the "numbers" and deciphering went over my head, but am sure those who understand will probably chuckle with a smile. With so much concern of security and "need to know" I am surprised that this even got published as by the author's own admission, it was an uphill battle. Pictures were a delight & pictures of "then & now" even better. As an old printer from hotmetal Linotype days .... as ASA LIVES! so does ETOIN SHRDLU! - Vern G - ASA LIVES!
Beller's Fellars - The Book
LuBECKER! - Don Johnson -
A captivating look at a unique moment in time. This is one person's fascinating story of life that most of us can never imagine. Over 140 photographs, most from that era, add to the authenticity. Lübecker! started out as a simple history of my Army Security Agency detachment, but I soon found I wasn't an historian. All I know for sure is what happened to me. Well, at least reasonably sure. I vividly recall that the nasty edginess of the Cold War was still in full bloom, and so were a multitude of eager young frauleinin seeking to earn their way to the promised land - the United States. Many romances begun in Lübeck between former foes ended in a multitude of happy marriages - and a few disasters. That's what this book is all about - plus anecdotes and tales from other Lübeckers who were more frisky and fearless than I. It all makes for a good read - and a little history lesson as an added bonus. Lübeck was, and still is, a special place on this planet; don't miss a chance to visit this city.
Available at: (Ebook available in PDF format $14.95)
or Contact the author at:

Crazy Cats 1st RRAVN Patch
Call Sign - Cat's Paw 4-DVD Video Set - Frank Ford -
This 4-DVD set contains some 250 video clips, 2,000 still photos and graphics, and a 40-song soundtrack. It is approximately 6 hours long.
About half the video is on the Crazy Cats, 509th RRGP and ASA. The other half is on Vietnam 'lifestyle' and historical background. New Price!
NOW $35, including shipping. Payment after delivery.
Order a 2nd Copy for $15 if ordered at same time, if ordered later please add extra $5 for shipping.

Contact Frank Ford at: for more ordering information.
More details to follow on this offering.

Stay Safe Buddy
Stay Safe, Buddy - John Cheek
"A Story of Humor and Horror from the Korean War," is based on the author's personal experiences. Most of the characters are based on real people and many of the actions happened exactly as described. The book has been as high as #11 on the best-selling list at for the 8,000+ books listed there from my publisher. Signed copies are available from me with my author discount. Contact me at Payment by personal check, money order or through Pay Pal. Book also available at,, or by telephone at 1-240-529-1031.

Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy : At Play in the ASA
- Tim Bazzett
In 1962 when Tim Bazzett graduated from high school he'd had enough of academia and classroom drudgery, so he joined the army and received an education he'd never imagined. Perhaps one of the most unlikely and inept citizen-soldiers since Gomer Pyle, Tim somehow survives the terrors and tribulations of basic training at "Fort Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery," and after further training in the mysteries of Morse code in Massachusetts and Maryland, the small-town innocent is launched overseas and into the larger world. In Turkey he finds himself a link in the outermost defenses of America during a Cold War he only imperfectly understands. There he sees poverty and hatred in the faces of children and is forced to confront his own faults and inner demons. In Germany, no longer quite so innocent, he chases girls and dreams of being a rock star. At the heart are the characters, friends he makes along the way. For this is ultimately a book about friendship and about growing up.
Available later this month (Aug. '05). $16.
Contact Tim directly for sale info.
or be first in line.
Send check or money order payable to:
TJ Bazzett - PO Box 282
Reed City, MI 49677-0282
or check out

Past Sins - Don Ecker

The Footlocker -
A Christmas Story

by the author of
Past Sins

Free Download
Past Sins - Don Ecker
America was fighting a Cold War against the Soviets. It was the CIA versus the KGB, a covert war fought to contain the struggle so that real war would never break out. The year was 1965, just 3 years after the nation had retreated from the nuclear nightmare that almost occurred over Soviet missiles in Cuba. When the CIA found a supernatural creature (thought to be mythological) in Hungary, they thought they had won. It was a creature they thought could be contained and controlled... one they thought they could bend to their will... a creature so horrifying, it was only spoken about in whispers, so even the walls wouldn?t hear. But, they forgot one important thing ... they forgot that you can never dance with the Devil unless he calls the tune. Now, at the dawn of the 21st Century, it has escaped... and the real nightmare has only just begun. -
"I served at FS Sobe, Okinawa and then shipped over to 8th RR Phu Bai in 1971. Was at Alpha 4 when we were overrun on 30 March 1972 at the start of the Easter Offensive."
Available on at: Past Sins or as an "e-book"
Contact Don for more details.
Bangkok Memoirs
Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior
- Dean Barrett The setting is Bangkok, Thailand. The time is the mid-sixties. And the events are incredible. Join Whore House Charlie, Sgt. Jigaboo, Bumbles, Blinky, Agent Orange, Corporal Napalm, Hogbody, Butterball, Good Pork Betty, the Betel Nut queen, Noy the Laundry Girl, Corporal Comatose, Doc Spitz and Lieutenant Pearshape in the wackiest adventures of the Vietnam or any other war era. A M*A*S*H-type novel set in Thailand during the Vietnam War. This novel was optioned for film four times & came close to being the M*A*S*H for the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, "close" only counts in horseshoes, grenades and atomic weapons. Some movie producers said it was "hilarious but uneven." I pointed out that so is the Old Testament & that got published & made into a movie. Unfortunately, that line of reasoning got me nowhere. Available on at: Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior or contact Dean himself at:

Freedom's Finest

Sale is for print only, 19"X 26" image

Freedom's Finest
- John Borkowitz - I served with the ASA in Korea during the Vietnam war. I have produced a 30th Anniversary litho print in honor of all who served during the Vietnam era through the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
I have presented a few, one to a Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient, a former POW, V.A. Regional Center and also V.A. hospital both in Milwaukee, WI. I also placed one at the wall in Washington D.C. last Memorial Day.
If you are interested please let me know and I will send more information.
$49.00 (Includes Postage/Handling)
Pay Pal to:

Dragon Bait
The ASA Trilogy
“The ASA Trilogy” is a linked and contiguous threesome of novels of ASA life in the ‘sixties, featuring soldiers we all knew, in places familiar to all ASA-ers. The three novels, Involuntary Tour, Dragon Bait, and Falloff, written by career-ASA EM, NCO, and wWarrant Officer Robert Flanagan, display the agency and its triumphs, foibles, and full range of attributes through the actions of an extensive cast of characters (more than War and Peace). The novels play out in disparate and scattered settings through the Cold War, culminating in the Viet Nam War. The humor, dedication to duty, despair, fears, and disillusionment is all reminiscent of assignments in those far-flung sites. With irony, with commitment to the job conflicting with an FTA attitude in equal parts, borne out by events and committed by individuals we all identify with, the story unfolds over the course of the three books. The trilogy—the result of a 47-year writing journey by the author—essentially follows the author’s path of assignments in time and setting, but employs the device of fiction to avoid scoffing and disbelief..

Involuntary Tour
, book I of the trilogy, begins in Bad Aibling, Germany, spring 1968, when WO1 David Winter, career ASA, married with two children, receives orders for Viet Nam. This “second tour” disrupts a fragile marriage, for on his first tour he had been severely wounded, a circumstance that had threatened his marriage. Winter’s comrades, friends, and associates Luther Brenner, Ratty Mac, Crazy Bruce, Magic Marvin and countless others people the story. The latter half of book I is back story, played out in Viet Nam at diverse locations in 1964-65. During the course of progress, short flashbacks and asides are set in Korea during that earlier war, Parris Island, S.C., at sea, Hong Kong, and CONUS. Book I ends with the finish of Winter’s first Viet Nam tour. As with real ASA assignments, the same people keep showing up everywhere.

Dragon Bait, book II, begins again at Bad Aibling, taking the reader through the Czech invasion by the Russkies, late summer, 1968, and up to Winter’s deployment to Viet Nam. Then, in a series of chapter-long flashbacks, Winter is followed as a new ASA 058 in his first deployment to Asmara, Eritrea (Ethiopia), 1960-62. Segue to Rothwesten, Germany, and Gartow border site, 1966-67; Winter makes warrant officer and is transferred to Bad Aibling, and so we are back to B.A. where books I and II began. The latter half of book II takes Winter to Viet Nam in August 1968 and ends the last day of 1968.

Falloff, the third book of the trilogy begins with Winter’s transfer to the 1st RRC (Avn) at Cam Ranh Bay, January 1969. The book finds Winter and friends on CRAZY CAT missions and mishaps. Flashback elements occur in various venues, including Bangkok, Thailand; CONUS; Asmara, Eritrea (Ethiopia); and lesser bits; as well as one defining segment in Hawaii, where the crisis of his marriage is not resolved, nor his in-country affair with an Army nurse concluded. The Epilogue to book III closes the story at the time of the drawdown of US forces in Viet Nam.

The books are available at, at, and, as well as thousands of local book sellers and outlets. The three volumes are each available in hardcover with dust jacket, or trade paperback. Also, through the AuthorHouse connection, an e-book version is available. For the best prices on printed matter, and/or for signed/inscribed copies of one or more books, visit, the author’s website. Also, only on his website is afforded the opportunity to buy the full trilogy as a unit for a reduced price. Orders may be purchased through PayPal, or by sending a check to the author (contact info on the site). At the website is also available, at no cost, a downloadable Glossary of slang, jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms common to soldiers of the period, as well as quasi-translations of any foreign language phrases which occur throughout this series.

Involuntary Tour — ISBN: 978-1-4490-1766-8 (hard cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-1765-1 (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4490-1767-5 (e-book)

Dragon Bait — ISBN: 978-1-4567-3016-1 (hard cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4567-3017-8 (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4567-3015-4 (e-book)

Falloff — ISBN: 978-1-4670-7295-3 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4670-7294-6 (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-1-4670-7296-0 (e-book)

Camp Evans Cover
"For fifty six years, Camp Evans, the highly classified R&D sub post of Fort Monmouth, developed numerous Electronic Warfare systems. Closed in the 1995 BRAC, the site is now the home of the InfoAge Learning Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving its rich history. Mr. Robert F. Giordano, former Director of the Electronics Warfare Laboratory and the Center for Electronic Warfare/Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition at Camp Evans, is authoring a book "Camp Evans–The Untold Story" which will be available in the near future. Profits from book sales will be dedicated to InfoAge. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy may contact ex ASA officer Lawrence R. Tormey,an InfoAge trustee, at, or write to him at InfoAge, 2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township, NJ 07719."
Tales of the Doobop by Richard Sobieski.
"Doobop" is nickname for Walter Holakowski, an Army enlistee in the early 60's. Sitting on the fifty yard line of the Cold War at a desolate listening post on the border of East Germany, Walter experiences his transformation to manhood at the expense of his innocence. This rowdy, raunchy account is told from his point of view running the spectrum from drinking, sex, and youthful pranks to the gravity of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy's assassination, and the constant fear that at any moment, the war may turn from cold to very hot. He finally comes to terms with his new self, including true love, and a near-death experience.
This account, based on true events, sweeps the range of emotions, from laughter to tears; from beauty to horror. Veterans and non-veterans of both genders will enjoy this delightful, down-to-earth story.
TALES OF THE DOOBOP - Kindle Download at $3.99 for any other info contact Richard at:

If you don't have a Kindle, there is a free download to your PC, You can look at a sample, including an introduction, which appears above.
You don't need a Kindle to preview the book here at

We Served In Silence by Glenn Fannin, Jr.
A story of Army Security Agency agents in the Vietnam War in 1968. From the draft, basic training and spy training to the war.
Their lives and loves are exposed and the characters come together to accomplish their missions on the ground, air and water.
The outcome of the war may depend out what may be described as "M*A*S*H" meets "Catch 22."

About the Author
Glenn K. Fannin Jr. was born at Fairborn, Ohio (then Osborn) in 1948. "Age 66 with an eclectic, diverse background.
Soldier, policeman, fireman, construction worker, contractor, employment agency manager, security manager, hospital non-clinical review writer,
insurance agency owner, car salesman you name it." (Author's Edge Publishing Group 2009).

Order at: Amazon - We Served In Silence - Glenn Fannin

Dragon Bait
Imposible Dream An accomplished, aging man is preparing for yet another dream—to conduct the first known bicycle-book tour (which will require peddling both miles and books.) Who will believe 2,500 miles is possible for a man with gravely serious medical issues—at age sixty-five? Witnessing the lifetime spiritual journey of Vinny Pirelli, starting at age six with his very first bicycle, you track his development of being the only boy among many siblings, through growing pains of adolescence and teen years. He struggles with, and represses homosexual tendencies, putting his emotions into bicycling and writing songs.
J.V. Petretta

For sale and Video trailer at: $15.95
For a discounted signed copy with free US Media Mail shipping:
Mail your PRINTED NAME and address, plus $15.00 by check or money order to: J.V. Petretta

J.V. Petretta - An Impossible Dream Story
27 Sugnet Road, Buffalo, NY 14215-2031

For questions before purchasing, email For PayPal, add $3, and send to
For Priority Mail, add $5 For Express Mail, add $10 For shipping outside the United States, add $15

Clearwater Cover


Available on Amazon's Kindle reader, and those for which apps are provided,
and in trade paperback wherever good books are sold!
Cleawater Run introduces former public defender Woody Thomas as he takes readers on a wild post-conviction case, in which a man faces execution, and where neither the good guys or bad want the case re-opened--and someone is willing to kill to hide the truth.

Available here:
Ray Dix Author for more information email him at:


Takes you deep into the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and the unsettling world of police interrogation techniques.

Ex-Public Defender Woody Thomas’ friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, David Ingel, is murdered and Woody represents Robbie Battles,
a mutual friend from AA who is charged with murdering David during an alcoholic blackout.
Woody turns to detective Kyle Murdock, a former Navy SEAL, for help in an investigation that leads from the horse country of Ocala,
to suburban Tampa and the beaches of Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, Robbie Battles has confessed to the murder, the police have a murder weapon,
and David's beautiful widow has a snub-nosed .38 Special and a passion for revenge.

Available here:
Ray Dix Author for more information email him at:
Deadliest Weapon Book Cover
Many of the events in the story associated with the Army Security Agency (ASA) actually happened as part of operations in Radio Research. The Infantry patrols were a combination of stories told to me by friends in Special Forces & Long Range Patrols. What I read in captured documents and what I heard from interrogations gave me a good picture of what was going on within their ranks.
My initial motivation was to applaud the men in ASA, whose story has never adequately been told, and honor the sacrifices of the American fighting forces. The public still is not truly aware of the tremendous sacrifices they give executing the orders of their country. Interestingly, most of them do not think of it as a sacrifice but a call of duty to serve. I am eternally grateful that we have such men and women who allow us to live the wonderful lives we live.
This story details the emergence of electronic intelligence (ELINT) supporting our combat troops. The deadly cat and mouse intelligence war within a war between an American Captain and a VC Major weaves the threads leading up to the TET offensive. The men who operated our intelligence gathering equipment were out there on the front lines with our combat units. They set up their equipment anywhere they could get a good signal; Special Forces Camps on the border of Cambodia, Fire Support Bases, Infantry Base Camps, and other sites close to the Area of Operation of the enemy. The enemy side of the story is fiction and as is based on good intelligence could well have happened this way.
During the Vietnam conflict, politicians were making unintelligent rules of engagement and combat decisions they had no training to make. I was part of intelligence briefings to Westmoreland and Abrams. In one such briefing, the MACV Commander in a distressed tone stated that this war could be over in six months if the politicians would leave the conduct of the war up to those who are best qualified to do so – the military. Unfortunately, they almost never do.
Vietnam was our first war on which the media had an instantaneous impact. The public was privy to every action as they watched the Vietnam War unfold on TV. This phenomena provided the media a major stake in the outcome of the war. I witnessed firsthand how the media colored their reporting of the Vietnam War and in many cases wrote their stories to fit their agenda. After a post TET visit to Vietnam Walter Cronkite reported the war was lost. The TET offensive was a major loss to the enemy and it was a major victory for our military. Dissidents joined with the media to become a formidable anti-war coalition. This group combined with a mixture of celebrities was enough to convince Americans that the war was lost. It demoralized our own troops when they watched the television images of demonstrators chanting anti-war slogans. We captured flyers after TET written by the NVA and VC to their field forces imploring them to not give up; that American celebrities were on their side and would help them win the war. The negativity surrounding that war still exists today. In a recent article the press refers to the Vietnam War as modern America’s most controversial war while reporting a recent gathering of Vietnam Vets.
“The Deadliest Weapon” is on sale on at: Deadliest Weapon. A portion of the proceeds goes to support the the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). I would appreciate your recommendation on Amazon.

Veterans Day Book Cover

- Michael Edward Little
Jim Thurmond is an unlikely hero. He’s an embittered Viet Nam vet with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a drinking problem the size of Texas. When Jim suffers a full-blown breakdown, he emerges with the realization that America’s political, financial and legal systems have become hopelessly corrupt. Jim hasn’t worn his country’s uniform for decades but, like all vets, he never renounced his oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Jim and a small group of fellow veterans of the super-secret Army Security Agency decide to take matters into their own hands. Like our Founding Fathers, they form a Committee of Safety, vigilantes dedicated to making sure that America’s domestic enemies pay the ultimate price. Branded domestic terrorists, they rush to complete their mission before the full might of the FBI can stop them. Jim’s mission to restore America’s values forces him to confront his own demons. He’ll either save America and himself in the process, or die trying.
Veterans Day is available for sale on at: Veterans Day in paperback version.
First In
FIRST IN - Gary Schroen - While America held its breath in the days immediately following 9/11, a small but determined group of CIA agents covertly began to change history.
This is the riveting first-person account of the treacherous top-secret mission inside Afghanistan to set the stage for the defeat of the Taliban and launch the war on terror.

As thrilling as any novel, First In is a uniquely intimate look at a mission that began the U.S. retaliation against terrorism–and reclaimed the country of Afghanistan for its people.

Mr. Gary Schroen was a member of the 102nd ASA in Heidelberg Germany - available at or here at

(wikipedia reference to Gary Schroen here: Gary Schroen)
Phu Bai by Paul Bitit
Phu Bai - Paul Betit - A Vietnam War Story
It is June 1967, and the United States' military involvement in South Vietnam is nearing its zenith. As the war rachets up, John Murphy and Charles Van Dyke of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division investigate the murder of an American soldier at Phu Bai. War intrudes as the two investigators build their case against the most likely suspect. But a bizarre twist turns it into an unusual manhunt in the middle of a war zone.
$13.95 Available from more info:
"A Vietnam War Story," is itself a distraction. This novel is no "war story," at least in the usual sense. The warfare mostly functions as a dangerous setting, as a noisy counterpoint to silent analytical brooding, and as omnipresent as the weather or any other natural force. Oddly enough, the narrative relates a detective story that could have taken place anywhere in the world." -

Phu Bai Book
The Man in The Canal - Paul Betit - the long-awaited sequel to Phu Bai and Kagnew Station, is now available for purchase.
Paul Betit’s new mystery-suspense novel describing the adventures of U.S. Army CID investigator John Murphy is set in Sweden during the summer of 1971.
All of Betit’s books can be purchased in a soft-cover edition or as an E-book by visiting, or
Autographed copies of The Man in the Canal are available by sending a check or money order for $20 to the author at PO Box 384, Brunswick, Maine 04011-0384. Allow ten days for delivery.
For more information about Betit’s books and his public appearances, please visit PaulBetit.Com.

Lübecker! - Don E. Johnson - A captivating look at a unique moment in time. This is one person's fascinating story of life that most of us can never imagine. Over 140 photographs, most from that era, add to the authenticity. Lübecker! started out as a simple history of my Army Security Agency detachment, but I soon found I wasn't an historian.All I know for sure is what happened to me.
Well, at least reasonably sure. I vividly recall that the nasty edginess of the Cold War was still in full bloom, and so were a multitude of eager young frauleinin seeking to earn their way to the promised land - the United States. Many romances begun in Lübeck between former foes ended in a multitude of happy marriages - and a few disasters. That's what this book is all about - plus anecdotes and tales from other Lübeckers who were more frisky and fearless than I. It all makes for a good read - and a little history lesson as an added bonus.
Lübeck was, and still is, a special place on this planet; don't miss a chance to visit this city.

Available at or
Devil Mountain
Death on Devil's Mountain - David Von Norden - The Summer of Love is past. The Cold War is heating up. Thousands of young men are being drafted for the conflict in Southeast Asia and hundreds more enlist in the hope of some choice of assignment. The best of these volunteers are channeled into the Army Security Agency and the brightest of this group gets sent to the National Security Agency's most important listening post,The Hill, in West Berlin.
Teufelsberg, the Germans call it. The Devil's Mountain, a monument constructed from the rubble and ruins of the crushed German capital.
But there is something terribly wrong in the 54th ASA Special Operations Command. People are dying.
Death on Devil's Mountain depicts the twisted macramé of intelligence work, its effect on the 'civilians in uniform', and the mounting rancor of enlisted men against the cadre of sergeants and 'lifers'. This unit of hand picked misfits is a natural choice for a mad CIA-operated experiment code named MK-ISLAND.
An experiment gone awry.
Available at $12.95

Or So I thought
Or So I Thought - By Bruce F. Bond
My life story, mostly about my rather tumultuous 40-year career in telecommunications and the interesting people I met along the way.
You will meet a mafioso businessman, a Filipino hero, and a wise old carpenter, among many others.
Available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

Available at Barnes and Nobel as a Nook Book
Available at or
Honor Due
HONOR DEFENDED - D.H. Brown - Major Westfall is back, in another non-stop action adventure. On a freezing cold winter morning he is awakened before dawn by a frantic call from an old friend and War Brother. He is being called out to hunt for the killers who burned down a woman's house on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, abducted her, and left behind the beheaded body of her Marine Corps husband. On the beach behind the Holbech place, he finds signs that someone came ashore on the last high tide. Tracks lead to a pile of driftwood where Black Dog noses out the family's wounded dog. Putting his ear to the Hoko grapevine, he hears of a break-in at the local gravel quarry, where explosives and detonators were taken. A neighbor's grandchild mentions a missing school janitor, and the name her classmates gave him, Aladdin. When the Major takes a sneak and peek he unearths a terrorist sleeper. Calling in the troops, he prepares to do battle deep in the Olympic Peninsula wilderness where a cadre of evil souls have gathered, intent on creating havoc with the Washington State's ferries.

HONOR DEFENDED occurs over one 24 hour period of heart-pounding action in which old friends are met, new ones made, the young must grow up fast as lives are broken, and the honor of a War Brother is defended. D. H. BROWN has worked as a Logistics and Weapons Specialist in Vietnam; Director of Security; Armored Car Driver; Police Officer; Hunting Guide, Trapper and Dog Sledder; Homesteader; Truck Driver; General Contractor; Minister; Movie Producer; Editor; Writer; Speaker; Restaurateur; Antique Restoration Specialist; Personal Care Worker; PC Repair Specialist; Computer Instructor; Webmaster and Web Designer. He writes about what he knows. His first book, Honor Due, was received with critical acclaim and was awarded the 2008 Silver Medal for Fiction by the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)
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Four and Out
FOUR AND OUT - Ronald Griffith
Join Ron Griffith in his 3 year, 9 month, 4 day adventure as a "Ditty Bopper" in the top secret world of the Army Security Agency in Vietnam.
"I have 80 of my best colored pictures in the book and another 100-150 or so available through my website. Pictures cover the area around Bad Aibling, Germany and almost duplicate or lower quality pictures from Phu Bai, Vietnam."

My website is:

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Twelve Quite Men
Twelve Quiet Men: The Story of the Cowboy Vigilantes Known as Stuart's Stranglers at War with the Outlaws of Montana
- Michael Edward Little

In the 1880's, from central Montana into western Dakota Territory, hordes of outlaws terrorized the region, rustling, robbing and killing. Representatives of the law were non-existent. Finally, a secret group of determined cattlemen, abandoned their ranching responsibilities to hunt down and destroy the lawless predators. The story of the Vigilante cattlemen known as "Stuart's Stranglers."The Vigilantes with their horses boarded a special train in central Montana bound for Medora, Dakota. Along the way, the train made frequent stops to discharge groups of resolute cattlemen who stealthily approached various outlaw hideouts. In the dark of night, the Vigilantes attacked, catching the outlaws completely by surprise. When the Train Raids were concluded, the Vigilantes had wiped the Montana and Dakota territories clean! Nearly one hundred outlaws were killed in less than two years. Twelve Quiet Men is a remarkable historical Western based on real events in the lives of these remarkable cattlemen.
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Tales of Ramasun
"Tales of Ramasun" is a different kind of Vietnam War story. The kind of war story you may not have heard before. The story of the secret war, the war behind the curtain, the war whose soldiers were sworn to silence. Now is the time to tell it, before all of the old spooks and spies who participated in it are gone. It is not a "blood and guts" war story. There were no Rambos at Ramasun. It's a story of brains not brawn. Smart young men full of youthful energy let loose in a strange land and put to a strange task, with a goodly number of smartasses and jokers in the pack to make things more interesting.

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"Tales of Ramasun"
Sentinell and shooter
Secret societies have existed for millennia; their purposes myriad. Generally, they are exclusive and require members to take an oath to keep their organization and activities secret.
They possess guarded means of identification and communication. Some exist in the open, their purposes known, their activities undisclosed, and their practitioners anonymous.
The US Army Security Agency was a separate organization within the Army having its own installations, training, academic, logistic, communications and scientific institutions and members took an oath to keep the organization and its activities secret, their identity and communications guarded. Until the advent of the Vietnam War, their purpose was intelligence gathering for national strategic objectives.

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Angel of Death
THE ANGEL OF DEATH - Alane Furgeson - submitted by Greg Furgeson
"ASA from '66 to '70. Devens in '66 and then I went to Bragg. While there I went to jump school in '67. I then spent the next two years in Japan"

Being a coroner’s assistant means that Cameryn has seen more gore than your average seventeen-year-old. But even Cammie is shocked when Kyle O’Neil, the most popular guy in school, discovers the gruesome corpse of their English teacher murdered in his own bed. As Cammie gets involved in the case, she finds herself drawn to Kyle, and considers trusting him with the secret that she can’t even tell her father. But when their relationship starts to move toward romance, the struggle to solve the case of her teacher’s death intensifies.
Will Cameryn be too preoccupied to identify the killer in time?

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Unlikely Warriors
UNLIKELY WARRIORS: - Lonnie Long & Gary Blackburn
The Army Security Agency's Secret War in Vietnam 1961-1973

In early May 1961, a U.S. military aircraft taxied toward a well-guarded terminal building. The plane slowed to a halt; steps were maneuvered up to its side, and the door was pulled open.
The tropical night air was heavy and dank, and the moon shone dimly through high thin clouds. On board the aircraft were ninety-two members of a specially selected team. The men were dressed in indistinguishable dark suits with white shirts and dark ties, and each man carried a new red U.S. diplomatic passport inside his breast pocket. The men held copies of their orders and records in identical brown Manila envelopes, and each man's medical records were stamped "If injured or killed in combat, report as training accident in the Philippines" In such clandestine fashion,
the first fully operational U.S. military unit arrived at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in South Vietnam. The unit was so highly classified even its name was top-secret.

The cover photo was shot by Bruce Boydstun of the 144th Aviation Co. out of Nha Trang
and the cover was designed by the very talented Mr. Don Reber, a former member of the 146th Aviation Co. out of Saigon.

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Last Call
LAST CALL AT THE TIGER BAR - Francis Hamit and Anthony Cutaia

This is a short story about American military intelligence enlisted men who are trying to capture a Viet Cong Colonel at the most famous whorehouse in the Mekong Delta. It is shortly after the Tet Offensive in 1968, and one of them, a radio intercept operator, knows his voice, but not his face. This is a work of fiction. A resemblance to real persons and events is coincidental and unintended even if the author is a Vietnam Veteran who served in Military Intelligence.

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My Detachment
MY DETACHMENT: A Memoir - Tracy Kidder
A war story like none you have ever read before, an unromanticized portrait of a young man coming of age in the controversial war that defined a generation. In an astonishingly honest, comic, and moving account of his tour of duty in Vietnam, master storyteller Tracy Kidder writes for the first time about himself. This extraordinary memoir is destined to become a classic.

Kidder was an ROTC intelligence officer, just months out of college and expecting a stateside assignment, when his orders arrived for Vietnam. There, lovesick, anxious, and melancholic, he tried to assume command of his detachment, a ragtag band of eight more-or-less ungovernable men charged with reporting on enemy radio locations.

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Fool Me Once

"I had three assignments with ASA, Japan, Vietnam and Asmara. "
"The story of young Military Policeman that teams with old hand Army Criminal Investigator to work a theft of military property that becomes a murder. The case goes cold, but they keep plugging away as their assignments move them around the world and then to second careers in civilian police work. MP gets separated from his Italian girlfriend during the civil war in Eritrea. Exciting ending to the investigation and the reunion with the girlfriend will bring tears to the eyes of the toughest reader."

- From Barnes and Nobel Review ...

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- Rick Waters
A book about my time in the ASA; it's entitled, O5h-20 (The 96% True Journal of a Military Spy). Available on $13.32.
"I have filed, what I believe to be the first VA claim for damages caused by learning and copying high speed Morse code. I found three unclassified (but not unredacted) NSA documents that explain what part of our brain is damaged (long-term memory) and why. They also show the desperation of the Intelligence community to identify likely successful candidates while knowing that successful candidates would suffer permanent damage. So far the VA hasn't rejected me outright If I win my case, I want to help other ASA'ers to file using my formula."

Available at here: 05H-20 The 96% True Journal of a Military Spy [Kindle Edition]

Valkyrie Candidate - J. Ronald Drew
When one thinks of the Waffen-SS (Schuzstaffel or Protective Squadron) one tends to think of mass murderers. But not all men in the SS were criminals or murderers. Most joined because they were Volksdeutsche (of German descent born in German enclaves in foreign countries) and felt a loyalty and patriotism to the mother country. At this time foreigners, including Volksdeutsche could not join the regular German Army (Herr), their only option was to enlist in the Waffen-SS.
A man has to learn to accept the challenges of adjusting to the vicious and harsh circumstances of his changing world or perish. Rudi Muller is a young man of German ancestry who grows up in the pre-World War II City State of Danzig. At the outbreak of war he joins the Waffen SS and becomes an officer. Assigned to the 16th Army on the Eastern Front, he is retreating from Petersburg when Germany surrenders. Posing as an ex-Polish war-slave on a farm in post War Germany, he evades capture by the Allied Powers searching for any SS Officer. Joining the French Foreign Legion he is sent to North Africa. The Legion at this time was a harsh and unforgiving mistress and a refuge for the war-trash of Europe, most of them ex-Nazis, SS officers and worse.
While working for the French Embassy in Vientiane he becomes qualified as a pilot. He works for the US Central Intelligence Agency and flies for Civil Air Transport (CAT) and later Air America.
After the end of U.S. involvement in the Viet Nam War and the imminent fall of Laos to the Pathet Lao, Basset moves his family and becomes a citizen of Thailand.

Available at here: Valkyrie Candidate $32.29 paperback

Books I've Read and Recommend:

The Blankenship Solution
- Thomas F. Kistner - Japan

Rockabilly, Radio and WWI
- Joe M. Leonard, Jr. - WWII

Fiddler's Moon
- J. Ronald Drew - Vietnam

C TRICK - Sort of a Memoir - Don Cooper - Berlin

- John Klawitter - Vietnam

- Various Authors - Various Subjects

One To Count Cadence - James Crumley - Philippines/Vietnam

The Most Secret War - James L. Gilbert - Vietnam

- John E. Malone - 404th USASA SOD Airborne

DEAREST ANGEL - Elaine Cochrane - Widow of 1st Lt. John F. Cochrane KIA

Non-ASA Books I've Read and Recommend

Into Tibet - Thomas Laird
Into Tibet - Thomas Laird - The CIA's First Atomic Spy
and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa.

"For over fifty years the CIA has closely guarded the identity of the first agent killed in the line of duty -- the unnamed First Star on the outfit's Wall of Honor. That agent was Douglas Mackiernan. His unprecedented atomic intelligence operations helped shape both Central Asia and the CIA as we know them today. His work remains so sensitive that the Agency, even now, will neither confirm nor deny his existence. A riveting expose of international intrigue, INTO TIBET reveals the extraordinary still-classified missions that sent Mackiernam and his partner, Frank Bessac, into the heart of the Cold War." - Liner notes from book.
Webmaster note: Doug Mackiernam was first husband of Peggy Hlavacek noted in book review above. I highly recommend this book all the way to the tragic ending! - ASA LIVES!

$15.00 New, available at or used book sellers at a discount.

Book of Honor - Ted Gup
The Book of HONOR - Ted Gup - Covert Lives and Classified Deaths at the CIA - The Story of Heros and Secrets
"In the entrance of the CIA headquarters looms a huge marble wall into which seventy-one stars are carved-each representating an agent who has died in the line of duty. At the base of the wall lies "The Book of Honor," in which the names of these agents are inscribed--or at least thirty-five of them. Beside the dates of the other thirty-six, there are no names. The identity of these 'nameless stars' has been one of the CIA's most closely guarded secrets for the fifty-three years of the agency's existence. Even the family members are told little-in some cases, the agency has denied the fact that the deceased were covert operatives at all." - From book cover liner notes.
Webmaster note: The first chapter is entitled: "The Forgotten Man" --- Doug Mackiernam as mentioned in above book review. was that man!

$10.50 New, available at or used book sellers at a discount.