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Beller's Fellars - The Reunions
Short Range Radio Direction Finding Team Alpha (Airmobile)
330th Radio Research Company- TDY  to 372nd Radio Research
Cu Chi & areas surrounding the "Iron Triangle" north of Saigon

Vietnam Farewells - without even exchanging home addresses!

Cu Chi 1967 -  Going Home!

Our only group picture - the morning after our going away party

Vern Greunke, Gussie Thomas, Michael Donahue, Orville "Butch" Browning,
Harry King, Ed Tune, George E. Thomas, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt.
Not pictured: William Chron III (home on emergency leave), Steve Masica, (home early from wounds
sustained in mortar attack,) and our team chief  "Uncle Russ" Beller who took the picture.
Roland "Butch" Williamson, and Ron Seyboldt, both returned to
home company at 330th Pleiku in Jan. 1967.


1st Reunion - Firebase Indy - 1995
Vern Greunke, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, Steve Masica, Harry King

2nd Reunion - Akron, Ohio - 1996
Ron Seyboldt, Vern Greunke, Russ Beller, Harry King,
Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, Steve Masica

3rd Reunion - Firebase Indy - 1997
William Chron, Vern Greunke, Harry King, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt
(Bill Chron died of heart attack the following January 1998)

4th Reunion - Grundy Center, Iowa - 1998
Harry King, Michael Donahue, Vern Greunke

5th Reunion - Grundy Center, Iowa - 1999
Back: Michael Donahue, Russ Beller, Harry King
Front: Vern Greunke and Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt

KCMO Reunion 2001

6th Reunion - Kansas City, Missouri - 2000
(Old Spooks and Spies Reunion)
Left to Right: Vern Greunke, Steve Masica, and Roland "Butch" Williamson

Reunion 2000 Grundy Center

7th Reunion - Grundy Center, Iowa - 2001
Left to Right: Russ Beller, Vern Greunke, Harry King, Mike Donahue

Grundy Three Reunion 2002

8th Reunion - Grundy Center, Iowa 2002
Mike Donahue, Vern (ASALIVES!) Greunke, and Harry King

INDY 2004
9th Reunion - Indianapolis 2004
(Old Spooks and Spies Reunion)
Roland "Butch" Williamson, Harry King, Vern Greunke, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt

INDY 2004
10th Reunion - Lancaster, PA -  2004
(372nd RRC Reunion)
Vern Greunke, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, Harry King, Russ Beller

Headstone Markers of Butch Browning and Bill Chron
Our Deceased Brothers
Orville "Butch" Browning -- Bill Chron III
George E. Thomas

Butch died of complications of throat cancer and other problems, six weeks before I located his widow, Janet.
The last time I saw Bill in Vietnam I was taking him to airport to go home on emergency leave. -
The last time I saw Bill he was taking ME to airport at Indy to return home from our reunion together!
George E. Thomas has been located making the team complete.
Unfortunately we learned of his death April 9, 2000 at the age of 53.

R.I.P. George Edward Thomas

George E. Thomas WHERE ARE YOU?????
George E. Thomas  - 1947 - 2000
Died Ann Arbor, Michigan April 9, 2000 at age 53


Our Area of Interest - The Iron Triangle Vietnam
and Hiway 13 "Thunder Road"
MAP 1 - MAP 2

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