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From Bill Putney: "We're trying to get a net going on 20M"

The schedule is Sunday afternoon at 21:00 UTC on 14.272 MHz (14.ASA on an telephone keypad). It'll be a get together net.
Not a traffic net.

I'm going to be net control for this first one this coming Sunday but I live in the extreme Northwest corner of the country
and someone more toward the middle would probably be better.

Thanks, Bill Putney - WB6RFW (ASA '66-'69)

Working on getting this current, just found a bunch of entries not listed yet. Hopefully in the next two weeks I'll be caught up! - Vern

QSL ASA Frankfurt 1948
(I have this card in my possession - Vern)

KS6Y - Bill Almarez - QTH is Spring Valley, CA. I am also a ham liscensee in Ireland; my callsign is EI7JE and my QTH there is Cahresherkin, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland. I'm on the air there about twice a year in April-May and again in October-November. I had some older callsigns here in the states and they were WN6MXE in 1964-65. In 1975 I got WA6EKQ which changed to my present callsign in 1978 when I got my Extra class call. My primary mode is CW - as usual for an old O5H ... hi hi....

KR7G - Bob Morse - Seattle, WA - guess what I did in ASA (dit dit dah dah dit dit) My old call is K7OEW from Seattle, Wa and I was at Herzo Base in Germany from 66 -69 and had the call DL4AQ. Had a Swan-350, a 2 el Quad at 50 feet and boy did I have fun working the DX from there. Came back and upgraded to extra and got my new call as KR7G. I still like DX and some contesting, but the game of golf has taken over my free time more. I currently have TenTec equipment and a 100' tower of Rohn 45G with monobanders. I STILL prefer CW as my second language. 73 and I'd love to see you on the bands someday for a rag chew.

WB3DOM - Ron Seyboldt - Erie, PA - I have been a Ham for over 27 years. Of course cw is my favorite mode as it still gets thru when all else fails. I was in Korea at the 177th Field station from 64 to 65 then off to Homestead AFB in Fla. for a year then for some unknown reason Uncle Sam thought I would like to see what Vietnam looked like so off to the 330 RR I went. Helped set the company up then found my way to a fly away team for some RDF work. All I can say is I had a good time can't say as I ever got shot at but I sure hope I got a few of them. When we left the country in 67 we could say we were winning when we left. What happened after that is anyone's guess HI HI HI . Best 73 - Ron

K5AFB - Jim Scott -Head of Island, LA -Just became a ham this past year. Got my General ticket and do some HF work now. Was posted to the 14th Field Station in Southern Japan during the 60's. Rig is a Kenwood 430s working off an inverted V or a vertical. Finally found some use for all the diddydots that ole' uncle sam crammed into the old noggin'. I see WB3DOM was in Korea the same time I was in Japan. Probably had some common interests back then. 73 to all - Jim Scott

WA2F - John L. Manna - I have been licensed since 1959 my original call was WA2MTR which is now my club call sign. I'm a dx'er and I only need one entity for worked them all so I can get the #1 plaque. The one I need is BS7 Scarborough Reef the rock that's underwater at high tide. My favorite band is 20 meters and sometimes I use 75 meters. My email address is ASAJM@JUNO.COM if you want to make a schedule. My XYL is a ham also and her call is N2NQE, My son is WJ2Z and my daughter is N2WCT. My grandsons are N2RQI and KB2BYU. My call WA2F is not a vanity call sign. All the others are original issue. I was stationed in Giessen Germany 1952-1953 Hq & Hq 307th Com Recon Bn. and 331st Com Recon Co. There were a couple hams in the company but I can't remember the names or call signs. I was interested back then but got into the hobby after the discharge. 73's and hope to meet up one of these days. - John

KD5KI - Vic Yingst - Florala, AL (orig. from IL) - mostly on two meters and 40 meters (the RV service net on 7230)...Wife is N5CKF...ASA from 1960 to 1966. Asmara, Devens, Camp Humphries Korea, Meade, Zama, Hellmano... Ctrypto repair 345/32G20

KA9QWC - Don Evilsizor - Columbia City, IN - 5 miles north of town. My Air Force MARS callsign is AFA1OK. Most of the time I have been a net operator on the Indiana Traffic Nets both voice & CW. I also ran some digital activity. Currently I am net control on the Indiana Traffic Net (ITN) Monday evenings at 1630 local Indiana time and Friday mornings at 0830 local time on 3910 KHZ. My wife Cathy WB8ORR is net control on the Insterstate Sideband Net (ISSN) normally Friday evenings on 3985 KHZ at 8 or 9 PM depending up the DST. Some ASA HAMS known to me at ROTHWESTEN Ken Morris K2UYK - NEW YORK, Ken Rodgers KI5N - TEXAS, KW1Q - MAINE, Hal Reid K6DPL- Georgia, Scott Fitzgerald K2YIZ - NJ, Bill Jones KD7S - Calif. At the 14th FLD STN hams I knew were Jack De Lorme K7DZE - WASHINGTON, Robert F. Snyder W3VUH. My email address is and will be glad to hear from other hams.

K4HOD - Harold O'Donnell - Lexington, KY - Have been a ham since Decenber 1994. Got Extra class ticket March 1996. Enjoy working 2 meter, 440 and HF. I was at 12th ASA Field Station from June, 1958 to June 1960 as a morse code operator. Hope to hear you on the bands. 73's - Harold O'Donnell - K4HOD@INSIGHTBB.COM

KC4QMX - Michael Mulich - Augusta, GA - First ticket back in 1957 K0MNW Obtained in Kyoto, Japan Club call was KA4AS 10TH ASAFS. WB4KGL - FORT GORDON, GA Early 70's

KD5HJ - Lloyd Wyatt - San Angelo, TX - (Former 058-H) - Licensed while stationed as 1SG of 408th ASA Co in Panama (1977-80), KA4GNZ. Canal Zone call was KZ5SK, and when that went away (spent many hours on the air making contacts for those who wanted a QSL from KZ5 call area, the call sign was going away with the demise of the Canal Zone), my Panamanian call was HP1XSK. Upgraded to Advanced when I returned to Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, call changed to KD5HJ. Went off to the 501st MI BDE in Seoul. Licensed HL9HJ while in S Korea. Retired in San Angelo, now working in the Intel School for the Air Force. Not on the air as much as I would like to be. 73s to all. - Llloyd Wyatt -

NG1A - Fred Butts - Milton, MA - Stationed at Herzo 1950/1952 8606 AAU field station...Int. Op. Active on cw traffic nets most days/nights Camp Gordon Ga. Carlisle Barracks PA. Naval Comm station DC. then Good old Herzo..went back to Herzo last year but base is now giant sneaker distribution centre. for Reebock. - 73 and stay healthy - Fred

AI4DU - Ray Bossert - Was stationed at Wildwood Station, Alaska from 1953 to 1955. Was first licensed in Alaska as KL7BQM then back to New York and My Call was Changed to K2RFG. Became inactive in 1966 and again got back into Ham Radio Just 2 years ago. With a new call AI4DU. My mos was 1717d and then changed to 052.

N4NLS - Tony Woolwine - Nashville, Tennessee - formerly Campobello, SC Licensed for 10 years - operating Kenwood TS 850, Yeasu and Kenwood 2 meters - Kenwood dual bander. - Dipole, Cushcraft Ma5B, plus other stuff. Largely CW (diddy bops in my days with the ASA) and chiefly on 20 meters. Necessary compound (321st) later the 177th then VHFS as 058.20 and SP5 + P1 Exited 1958 to The Univ. of Tenn Still Later, the Law Enforcement Division - State of Tenn Game and Fish Commission (aka, croppie cop) . Now Retired Very best 73's to all and best regards from Tennessee.

K2VHW - Marvin Bronstein - Served '62 ~ '64 Rothwesten. 184thUSASA OPNS CO./319th Bn (5th corps/7th Army USASAEUR). Ran the MARS station, held DL4BD and (club call) DL4BDA. MOS-058 and 053 (on TDY). Currently active on 20 ~ 10 cw/ssb and 144,222,440 FM. Employed by ABC-TV/Disney in New York City, trustee for BEARS (W2ABC).

KE6TAN - Steve Sorensen - I now live in Western Colorado, however I got my General Class license while on "6 Land:" (California) back in '95, you should have seen those examiners when I passed 13 GPM on morris with no problem!!! Guess that's because I was an 05H from '69 -'72. Don't use HF too much anymore but am on 2mtrs. Take care and enjoy.

AC4UR - Mike Byrd - ASA 1966-1970. I was a ham before I went into the Army. Trained at Devens then 2 years at Kagnew Station in Asmara, Ethiopia. Went to Vint Hill Farms Station for my last year. I did operate twice from Ft. Devens & visited the station in Asmara. Operated RTTY several times also. That's a good catch from ET3. I operate only CW now since 1982 & only QRP. I have had a lot of equipment but I like to build. I am using an Elecraft K1 with a vertical on 40, 30, 20 and 17 meters. Just finished DXCC on 40 meters with 5 watts. Have an Icom receiver (R75) & an older Yaesu FT301. Currently building a 40 meter transmitter with more power & seperate VFO. Was an O5K or O59. Plan to set some digital modes in the future to play with. Old calls were WD4MFB and WN4QZW.

KB5CGC - Richard McInnis - QTH - Marion, MS. ASA 63-66 Fort Devens,Two Rock Ranch Calif., Rothwestern. General license for 20 years. Army MOS 058

W1AB - Al Brogdon - QTH - Fritzwilliam, NH. Retired. Active duty, USASA, 1957-59. Radio Intercept Officer course, Fort Devens, Sep 1957 to Feb 1958. Electronic Warfare Officer course, Fort Monmouth, Feb to May 1958. ELINT Officer, 319th USASA Bn, Jun 1958 to Aug 1959. USASA Reserve, Mobilization Designation, ELINT Section, Arlington Hall Station, 1960-68. Civilian contractor (Engineer, HRB-Singer): HQ USASAEUR, 1962-63; 318th USASA Bn, 1963-64; NSA, Ft Meade, 1964-65. WN4UWA, Jan 1952. W4UWA, May 1952. Extra Class, May 1956. DL4WA, 1958-59. K3KMO, Feb 1960. DJ0HZ, 1962-64. M1M (San Marino), CQ CW WW DX Test, 1963 (11th highest single-op all-band score, worldwide). W1AB, 1996. Still working virtually 100% CW on HF. Operated mobile CW for many years, including motorcycle mobile CW from my Honda Gold Wing while riding from Maryland to Alaska and back (see QST, July 1993). Current station is a Ten-Tec Omni 6+ and W1AB Killer Antenna (see QST, Jun 1999) on 160-10 meter CW. Author of the monthly column, "75, 50 and 25 Years Ago in QST." Trombone and tuba player in Dixieland and Bavarian Oompah bands. 73 de Al,

W9GM - Ken Weigel - QTH - LaCrosse, WI - I've been a Ham since 1974- ASA from 1969-1972-I had basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, then it was off to Ft. Devens. I was slated to be an 05H, and at the last minute they changed it to 05K. From FT. Devens I went on to Vint Hill Farms, Virginia to ASA Special Project No. 1. Then it was off to Sinop, Turkey. After a year in Sinop I went to Ft. Hood, where I remained until I was discharged. --... ...-- website at:

KE4KRQ - Philip Bird - QTH - Atlanta, GA - I served at TUSLOG DET 4 (Sinop, Turkey) in 1972. Before that I went to EW school 98J20 also External and Internal analysts schools at Ft. Devens 1970-71, returned to Devens in 73 and left active service in 74.

N6ZW - Mike Zane (formerly K6URI) licensed 1956. 058 et al 3rd RRU-Danang 1961-62. Still prefer CW. Devens-1957-58, 3rd ASDA FS Okinawa-1958-61 (KR6CK), Ft.Bragg-1961, RVN-1961-62, 3rd FS Okinawa (KR6FE)-1963-64.

KB8KME - Jimmy Caines - Trained as 05H in '66 at Ft Devens, didn't pass 15 so they sent me to HQ USASAPAC and made me a clerk. Went to Nam in '68 to 509th RR Group then to the 224th Avn Bn (RR) as a personnel clerk. Back to Devens as personnel clerk in '70. Received my Ham License in 1990 & advanced to General Class. Use a Kenwood TS-140S with a Cushcraft R-7 stick antenna. Joined Civil Air Patrol in 1993 as a Communications officer for a Senior Flying Squadron. Trained a lot of people how to operate radios and use CW. Little did I know then I would end up as Group Comm Officer, then Squadron Commander & Eventually Group Commander as a Major. And all I wanted to do was play with my radios. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be good at something.

WA0DVU - Dick Tickemyer - Warrensburg, MO - Was an O5H/98G 2L68(spanish). In Panama '67-'70. Was KZ5DV. Got my Extra Class shortly after returning to the world. Liked my old call sign, so just kept it. Not active at the moment except when maritime mobile in Alaska. Spend time flying airplanes & boating in Alaska. Love to hear from other ASAers.

K3MYI - Bruce Haupt - [original callsign] Also op at ET3USA Kagnew Station 1964 and KA9MF Kuma station 65 & 66. Went to college at University of Maryland College Park campus and law school at University of Baltimore. Practiced in Md & DC and pro hac vice in northern va for almost a decade. No longer practice law but am a Realtor with Fairfax Realty's Georgetown - Foxhall Office with Md, DC & Va licenses. Dick Cairns turned me on to the website - thanks Dick.

K4RAS - Robert A. Spann - Bartlett, TN - 056, 058, 059 and others. First at 12th USASAFS, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan, Feb., ?62 ? Nov. ?62, then Torii Station, Okinawa, Nov. ?62 ? Feb. ?64. I have only a hand-held for 2 meters now. Started out as WA4NWD, then changed to K4RAS, vain ain't I?? Worked low bands mobile for many years especially in the County Hunters net. (Used to travel a lot).

K8EPS John W Johnson - QTH - Fowlerville, MI

KL7IXI MIchael Fletcher - QTH - Poulsbo, WA - A 72B (comm center clacker), and later a Sig Corps Tactical Commo Chief. After a break for college and graduate school I finished up the military career in Air Force public affairs. MARS Op at AA1KBO (Ft. Devens) and AB8AQ (8th RRFS). Like QRP and burning solder on small projects.

K5VV Walter Hopper - QTH - Hermando, MS - ASA Jan 1953-Oct 1955. Stationed in Giessen Germany with 353rd C/R Co. MOS was 1766 & went through Ft. Devens & Camp Gordon GA. Basic with 101st Airborne at Camp Breckenridge KY. Came back to the States & finished my education at Auburn Univ. Married Janet Bevill, from Ponotoc MS & have three children & 7 grandchildren. Ham radio is my main hobby and I am on the DXCC Honor Roll... have all but two worked.. and I also have made the Public Service Honor Roll. Currently member of the National Traffic System CW Net, & handle traffic daily, serving as Net Control two nights a week. Usually check the Mississippi Phone Net nightly on 3862 khz. Check in time is 6:00pm or 6:15pm... pending time of year. The handle is "Walt". 73

K2ARM Charlie "Pete" Corp - I joined the ASA after Basic training in 1956. Spent the next year in schools at Ft. Devens, AHS Virginia, and Ft. Meade MD. Then to Japan and Korea. After Korea back to Ft. Devens as an Instructor. My MOS was 980.00, 982.10, 987.10, and 987.68. 987 MOS works in Special Identification Techniques. I became a Ham in 1960. Work mostly CW, QRP. 73's from Pete. Ex - K2PC, KZ5P.

N3RV Gregory Liebert - QTH is Shelbrune, Vermont. Because of my O5H MOS, I was able to go from no ticket to an EXTRA in 6 months, after 23 years away for the dits. Don't use the radio much anymore, but when life slows down a bit, I will get back on the air. 73-74 Ft. Devens - 74-75 7th RRFS, Udorn Thailand - 74-76 400th ASA SOD - 77-95 - PA Army Ntl Guard in Infantry and Combat Engineers. Retired Major. Own and operate an Engineering Firm in Williston, VT.

KA1SU Jim Fowler - Although I wasn't an "05" while in ASA from '65 - '70, I have been a "ham" since 1958. The only time I wasn't actively operating was while "in country" from 12/67 - 01/69. Now live in New Hampshire near where Ft Devens used to be. I was an instructor at USASATC&S intermittently when not on TDY or PCS assignments. I actually spent more time at Devens as a 33Cxx H/Z than anywhere else. Probably one of the reasons I stayed in this area rather than going back to New York City after separating. I still work with the NH Army Guard Helicopter units helping them learn to use new commo gear in AH-5's. I'm about to retire from the semiconductor electronics industry, so it's been a long time since I carried those 78 pound R-390A URR's around the barbed wire enclosed quadrangle at Devens. There's a lot of ex-ASA'rs in this area due to Devens being close. The "Challenge Coin" gets used often.

W5DFG Don Fulton - QTH - San Antonio, (formerly KC6WNN) HAM since 1991, took the exam while serving in Desert Shield/Desert Storm in Saudi. Mainly run CW since I was an O5H from '66-75. Work 6m,10m,12m,15M,17m,20m,30m and 40m. Run a Kenwood TS-480SAT with a Hy-Gain AV-640 mulitband vertical at 35 feet.

N0MOE John Hosking - Uijonbu Jan. 64 to early 65. Closed down Hq 321st and went to 508th Hq at Yong Dong Po, until Sept 1965. Stayed for a long tour due to a 90 day early out. Traveled to A, B, B North, of 321st, KangWa Do 226, and 177th Pyong Taek. Left as Sgt. E-5. Started as 053 and left as 721(?) Comm Center "Chief" on frozen tricks, the busy swing shift. 13 of us in Comm Center, 7 different crypto machines at 508th HQ. Live in So. Central Colorado now and snow bird in winter. Fairly active as HF ham.

K5YBT Richard Silverman - QTH - Baton Rouge, LA. - I was stationed at the 12th ASA in Chitose in 59 & 60; where I got my conditional license., K5YBT. Worked in OPs building for a while & then assigned as station OP of KA9MF and had a personal call of KA9RS. Transferred to 14th at Camp Brady, worked in OPs & operated the MARS station. I remember the call sign at Brady was KA7TB and my personal call was KA7RS. At Brady all the MARS stations in KA land received a knock-off of a Collins transceiver. I remember modifying the BC610 to act as an amplifier for the transceiver. Returned to the States in May '61. Haven't been on the air for a couple of years now, but have done a lot VHF work. Built first two meter repeater in Baton Rouge along with silent key W5CD. Also, built a couple of MARS 2-meter repeaters, and the first autopatch repeater in Baton Rouge; it was located on top of the State Capital. Richard.Silverman@LA.GOV

KA7JEX Duane Vincent - QTH - Vancouver, WA. -983.10 at Bad Aibling 62-64, acting company clerk at 341st ASA Co. (Ready Reserve) 64-66 - there was no slot for me as a 983.10 at the 341st, so guess what... Retired after 36 years with the gas/electric utility in Seattle. Became a ham in 1980 as a result of Mt. St. Helens blowing its top - ever try to find a working telephone in a major disaster??? Life is good, but retirement is better. ASA FOREVER!

WA4MQW Bob Cooley - QTH - Rutherfordton, NC. ASA 1/1970 -12/1972 Rank SP5, Ft. Devens, F.S. Bad Aibling, F.S. Berlin. O5H Ham license since 1963 as WN4MQW. Other calls held: AD4MZ, DA1QC, VQ9NC, /VP9, /KV4, C6A. College completed after ASA tour & became a high school science teacher, later commissioned as Ensign in USN. Served 10 years active duty in USN and then to USNR-R to complete 20 year retirement. Aircraft Maintenance Duty Officer. 10 years as classroom science teacher completed & just returned from 10,000 mile solo sailing adventure (two Atlantic crossings) in my 32 ft boat. Ham radio all the way. One of my best friends now was a Cambodian linguist in the ASA and was stationed in Thailand but is not a ham. Active now mostly on CW and run mostly qrp 1 watt or less. Enjoy Adventure Radio Society's outdoor events, especially the Bumble bee event this Sunday. Plan to make a solo hike to the top of a local mountain and use my Sierra by Wilderness Radio and a 20m dipole.

W5CFT Cecil Tipton - QTH - Houston, TX. - was an 058 in the ASA and did my main time at Clark AFB, PI. 9thUSASAFS. This was from 10-57 thru 10-59. Original call was KC5EJB, but went to the vanity call sign several years ago. Currently use an IC706MKIIG, barefooted at about 100 watts out. Hang out on 17 mtr at 18.160 or the 20 mtr band all over. Have decided to go ahead and get my Extra Class, am working hard to prepare for it.

W0MLM Mike Martin - QTH - Galesburg, IA. - Got my first novice ticket in 1968 at Vint Hill Farms (call WN4MWD) then finally upgraded to general after I got out with a call of KA0AMA which I changed to the current call when the vanity call program started. I was an 05H and was at Herzo Base, went to 'Nam with the advanced party of the 335th RRC, then to Vint Hill after 'Nam and to Hakata in 1971. Back to Vint Hill and got out in August of 1973. Always looking for old friends.-- Mike and Sheren Martin - Vietnam Vet and Proud of it.

WX3X Ronald Pickenheim - QTH - Moscow, PA. - MOS 345.1 crypto repair, stationed at North Camp Drake Toyko Japan from '58-62. Hold lifetime commercial license and extra class ham ticket. Enjoy the hobby and own a few good pieces of equipment that take me over the bands and e-link. You can contact me at HAMRADIOWX3X@AOL.COM or if you're looking hard for me, you may find me at Fenwick Island, Deleware. I enjoy the shore here near Ocean City, MD. Search e-link and you may find me on-line chatting. - Ron 73

K3TCN Bob Barker - QTH - Huntsville, AL. - MOS 05H from 1965-1971. Two tours in Thailand and two at field station Bad Aibling DL4JN. 1 tour Vietnam 05B4S Bien Hoa SF Camp. Recently M0DBZ England 2001-2004 JAC EUCOM counterterrorism cell. Dr. Robert R. Baker:

WN5MCW Charles Page - Served at Rothwesten, Wobeck, Mt. Schneeburg. MOS 98G2L63. Years of service were 1967-1969.

W9RL Russell Lentz - Highland, Illinois. I was stationed at the 7th RRFS in Northern Thailand from mid 69 to mid 70. I was a 33B20 and assigned to Signal Maintenance. I spent most of my time at our MARS Station AB9AD running patches and maintaining the equipment along with my good friend Marshall ?Bud? Johnson. WB4HIJ. Bud had a Thai ham call and provided us with a little ham radio fun from Thailand HS4MJ was his call I think. I went back to Devens after Udorn and went to 33D school ( intercept recording ) and then to Fort Meade for a special school on the TR22 Television recorder ( wide band). Had orders to Asmara but was diverted to Berlin Field Station at the last moment. ETS'd from Berlin and went back to So. Illinois. Currently work for USPS in maintenance. Still into ham radio but not as much. Have Drake and Collins gear. I like radio that ?glows in the dark? HI HI 73 and CUL de Russ W9RL.

WA4FKI Bill Zellers - Hello everyone, I am Bill Zellers, WA4FKI. Long time operator at Field
Station 8606, Hertzo Base in Germany. Presently I am retired school teacher and just been appointed the IARU Region 2 Monitoring System Coordinator also am a ARRL Intruder Monitor.
Would really love to find hams who may like to monitor our ham bands, work together to identify the Intruders who cause QRM in our bands. Through proper information gathering these Intruders can be put off the air by political means. This means the IARU with the assistance of the ITU will contact the Intruding country and hopefully make them move frequency. If no one is up to date on what the IARU does for the ham then look on Google for IARU and also IARU Regions 1,2 and 3. These web sites will give you a handle on what the IARU has done and their future plans. WE COULD USE A FEW GOOD OPERATORS. If anyone has any questions please E-mail me, will attempt to answer any questions. Very Best 73's - Bill Zellers WA4FKI - IARU Region 2 Monitoring System Coordinator.

W9VKG Warren Weingarten - QTH - Houghton , MI - the UP- ASA 1954-57 8610
USASA (10th) Kyoto Japan 1955-57 - MOS 1717 (high speed morse) - Active CW most bands in the winter - Like 30 mtrs, 18mtrs also some psk31 first licensed 1953 -

K9IT Ray Fansler - QTH - Fairfield, IL. I was stationed at Kagnew Station 1962-1963 in HQ Co. Was not licensed at that time but had been SWLing for years. I operate CW only and like to hunt DX, especially on 160 meters. I live on a farm and have lots of room for beverage antennas. 73 - Ray

W8MH William R. Violin-Wigent - QTH - Mason, MI - . My name WAS Bill Wigent. Since my marriage I'm now Bill Violin-Wigent. My call sign is W8MH, formerly WA9BEP (since 1960). I was an 058 in 1st CAV, An Khe, Vietnam 65-66 and was in Korea 66-67 at Camp Humphrey. I was HL9KO in Korea; finished out my 5 years in ASA at VHFS. I have QSO's with WB9GMO, Mike Hammel, who was also an 058 in Taiwan, Phu Bai and VHFS. I'd like to see an ASA net established - informal of course on any band or bands.

K2QPN Bob Nelson - QTH - Burlington, NJ - I served as a 34D20 from 1963 to 1967. I was stationed at Ft. Monmouth, N.J., Arlington Hall Station, Va., Homestead AFB, Fl., and Sinop, Turkey. I have been a Ham since 1956. Today, I run an IC-746Pro and an SB-200. I operate SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY, and FM. I use an FT-7800 and an FT-857 for mobil and portable operation. I run a Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 and DSW II (20m) and a Heathkit HW-8 for QRP operaton. I enjoy chasing DX and casual contesting. 73 - President Burlington County Radio Club - K2QPN@ARRL.NET

W0CRG Bob Marchant - QTH - Mannheim, Germany,Learned Morse as a Cub Scout in 1948 and licensed as KN0AJX in 1954. I did fairly well with the "Morse Aptitude Test" in basic. No need to explain my assigned MOS. I held VQ9RM in the early 70's and AA0RN in the 90's. Operated as AA0RN/IT9 and W0CRG/IT9 through most of the 90's. WOCRG was originally my father's call. I'm not licensed in Germany, so I only operate portable when I travel to CEPT countries. 73's from Bob.

N3YEA Jeff Leach - 1972 to 1975 - Deven's, Vint Hill, Homestead AFB and back to Vint Hill for the finish. Spend most of my time on the HF Digital modes, especially RTTY, In most RTTY contests and for some reason favor ?Search and Pounce? method of contesting. I guess it follows since I was 05K. 73

KC8QS Ishmel "Earl" Taylor - QTH: Baxter, Tennessee - O5C Radio Teletype Op -Went to Vietnam with 409th ASA (oops, Radio Research Unit in-country) with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, transferred to 404th RRU with the 173rd Abn Bde shortly after arriving in-country. After Vietnam took the plunge & re-upped to spend 3 yrs in Germany (USASAFS Herzogenaurach). After getting caught up in the mid-70's CB craze, got my Ham ticket in late 70's (first as KA8AEF and then N8AUZ to KC8QS) while living in Michigan and have been licensed ever since although I was not very active for last 10 years or so. Moved to Tennessee in late 2003 where I enjoy endless beauty of scenic countryside and wonder that God has provided for us to enjoy.My Amateur website is and our personal website is Hope you can stop by and visit. 73 -- Earl -

KU7Y Monte "Ron" Stark - QTH - Brenda, AZ -I was in the ASA from 55-58. High Speed Radio Op but can't remember what they called it! Did the school at Camp Gordon, GA. Back then I was W6JXO and could QSO at 30+ so all I needed to do was learn to print their way and get up to speed on a hand pump. Still use CW 99.9% of the time. Spent my time in Germany, most of it TDY all over. Was in the first (to my knowledge) jamming / deception unit. That was in Heilbroun (sp?). We now full time RV but consider Idaho home. Hope to see some of you on the air one of these days. Look for me around 7040 running QRP.

WB6QWF - Now W8ASA - Ken Gunton - First licensed in 1964 as a Conditional in Germany. I operate HF and VHF, preferring to dig those hard-to-hear CW signals out of the noise. Previous calls: WA3BQU, DL4AA, DL4WU. MARS AB8AQ (Phu Bai) and N0QQI (Navy MARS).

K0VP Ken Schoenlein -QTH - AuGres, Michigan - Life Member ASA Korea. Served with 329th Comm Recom Advance Detachment Low Level 1953 Korea. After truce moved to 327th Kyoto, Japan, 1954. While stationed in Kyoto did 3 month tdy to Thailand with combined AirForce/Army ASA. Like all modes of Ham Radio. Obviously, CW is no problem but love a good rag chew. Have not been too active lately but urge is returning. Cheers -

KG4SKI David R. Young -QTH - Woodstock, GA - My ASA unit was USASA SIGSEC Support Detachment XVIII attached to the 313th ASA Battalion.

N9JLW Ken Bird -QTH - Wood Dale, IL - - email:

Dave Harjala -I was HL9KT at the 226th ASA Co. in Korea in 63-64. Was only station at 226th, running CW with a second-hand DX40 and occasionally on AM with a "modified" BC-610 into a ZL special hung on our mountainside. Also was chief op at K1KBO/AA1KBO at Ft. Devens in 64/65. Still a CW op with an old Les Logan "bug".

N5AHJ Leroy Rout - I was in Ft. Devens in 1954. Began an 058 in 1956 went to Bad Aibling Germany in 56 and left in 57. I live in Scottsboro, Al. I had a ham license since 1965. wn1zgg, w1zgg, k5???, w4???, n5ahj in texas, n5ahj, in AL. Would like to hear from people that I knew. -

KE4KRQ Philip B. Bird - QTH - Atlanta, GA. - 98J30 Sinop, Turkey 1972 -

WB7ADC - Gina Hunter - Worked as a 32D20 at Davis Station with 509 RRCUV (1970 to 1972) and then at ASA Field Station Augsburg ('72 to "75). While in Augsburg got interested in the MARS station and shortly afterwards I got my call WB7ADC and have had it ever since. Used the call DA1FY wihile in Augsburg. I was one of the first casualties of the break-up or "integration" of ASA into the rest of the Army and got PCS'd to the Stanley R Mickelson Safeguard Site, Nekoma, ND. Bad news was that it was 13 miles from Canada in the middle of nowhere. Good news was that I was there during the ARRL "WAS Bicentenial" contest and had no trouble working anyone. 2nd trip to Europe was with the 650th MI Group in Italy and at the time there was no reciprocal licenseing. in 1983 I was stationed with the 650th MI Group in Heidelberg and got the call DA1EH. I now live in Puerto Rico and still hold my first and only call WB7ADC.

WA3QHJ - Patrick Horner - QTH - Delaware. ASA Southcom in Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone-Years 1969-1971.

K9YLI Don Jaster -4th USASA, Funny Farm, Asmara (Kagew Station) '59-'61

K7RV Stephen Lee - QTH - Federal Way, WA - Amateur Extra since '94. Enjoy homebrewing, QRP, CW, and RTTY, primarily on HF bands. Received draft notice in 1969, enlisted into the Signal Corps, MOS 31S30, AIT at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Was levied into the ASA in 1970, for special assignment (Vietnam). Assigned to the 303rd RR Bn at 175 RR Co, 1970-71. DEROS'd to Ft. Hood, TX, in '71 then separated from the Army in January, 1972. Married to Carol, KC7PHR, since 1973. We both earned our Bachelors at Arizona State University in 1976. QSO on 40 meters CW, dit dit.

WY1K Mike Whelpley - QTH - Florida - Served at Devens, Asmara, Vietnam, Germany and have been a ham since the mid sixties now living in Florida, Was licensed in Ethiopia and Germany and had a mars station in Vietnam (when time permitted) Worked in the agency as a O5H4HS3.

K2GPM Donald Nathan - Amateur Extra Class

W3AXD Dick Ott - I was KA9DO at Chitose '54-'56, Then W3ADX back in the states.

K1VVT Arthur Adolphsen - QTH - Hope, Maine Licensed in 1962, Extra Class 1992, School Fort Devens, Asmera Kagnew Station, 058.2, 57-58, Devens School 058, Retired from Coast Guard Reserve CWO4 Communications - 41 years total service, primary work CW on 20meters.

KB6FHC Mike Whitten - QTH - Pittsburg, CA - April - July 64 Ft. Leonard Wood, MO - basic training - August 64 USASATC&S Ft. Devens - 286 (26B) School - Communications Equipment Maintenance - Spent all my time at Devens Teaching 26B classes. - April 28, 1968 Discharged E-6, 26K - Currently living in Pittsburg, CA working in a steel mill. Sent a lot of students to Vietnam. It would be interesting to hear from you. I'm at

N3RW Rob Welsh - QTH - Holland, PA - MOS 283, Electronic Warfare Equip Repair. After 282/283 school at Ft Monmouth, TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop Turkey for one year. Worked in ops building then volunteered as 283 for P-Van. After Sinop tour, 2nd USASA Field Station, Two Rock Ranch CA. Originally licensed as K3JHE in 1959 and operated as K3JHE/6 while at Two Rock. Extra since 1977. Love dx and IOTA-chasing. Op as N3RW/6 on NA-144, N3RW/7 on NA-065, N3RW/VE7 on NA-036 (all QRP) during past few summers. Home station is Ten Tec OMNI 6+, Drake C-Line. Antennas are 4 element Yagi (10-20 m) and 2 element phased array on 40 m. YES, I own an R-390! Still, the best rx! Earned degree in Electronic Physics through GI bill (TNX ASA). Worked in defense electronics industry after separation from active duty. Paid for my grad degrees in science ed and astronomy. Taught high school physics and retired early. Now teach physics and astronomy at community college in my county. On the air regularly chasing dx, IOTAs, and chatting. ASA all the way. It was a great experience for a science guy like me. 73 ASA troops.

WB4HIJ Marshall "Bud" Johnson - QTH - Bradenton, FL - ex HS3MJ and later HS4ADF (don't remember why we had to change call signs). I actually started doing some work at K1KBO, Ft. Devens MARS station. Got my general ticket while at Devens. Went from Devens to the 7th RRFS in Udorn and arrived in the fall of 1967. There was no MARS station so with the kind assistance of the civil contractors who maintained the 7th, (AMPAC) I started operating from their office. Someone had already obtained the license (AB9AD) but had not started any operations. We moved into the IWCS / telephone exchange building, borrowed some equipment from the Air Force, put a homebrew beam on top of a 50ft tower (rotated by rope) and started running decent phone patches. Later on, the ASA antenna crew put up a 200ft tower. We picked up a 30S1 amp and we were really in business. We ran more phone patches than anyone in Thailand and when we weren't runnin' patches, One of us was on the ham bands. Still on the air here in Bradenton Florida with my trusty old FT101E and FT-900. 73's to all and would appreciate hearing from any old ASA ham!

WA6FYD Jack Wooldridge - QTH - Santa Cruz, CA - I didn't wear those cans 8 hours a day at Ft. Monmouth to learn code and then waste it! I got my ham license in 1958- WN6FYD, novice, then General - WA6FYD. I liked that call so much I still have it as Extra Class. Went to Carlisle Barracks about 1948, after Monmouth, where they made me do the code all over again for High Speed Morse. Did most of the ASA stations except was lucky enough to miss Viet Nam. Turns out I parlayed code into a retirement. I spent my entire Army/Navy career chasing dits. I still hit a few ASA Reunions, as I'm still able to ambulate. 73's.

WD8DCA Leo Woodard -

KB8AIR Reg Wallace - QTH - Goshen, OH

WA0JGT Keith Sykora - I received my licebse while stationed at Fort Devens, I think I spent the majority of my free time at station K1KBO.

AA4MI Carl Zelich - QTH - Chuluota, FL. ex: WN1DZA (1955), W1DZA, W8LMM, AC8LMM, W4OBR - Present Equipment: Icom 746, Icom 756, Alinco DJ-G5 dual band HT, Ameritron AL-80A amplifier, MFJ Versatuner V, 2 Bencher iambic keyers, 1 Vibroplex Original bug, Timewave DSP filter, MFJ 2 mtr FM Analyzer, Mirage BD-35 144/440 amp., Organizations: ARRL Life Member, Assistant Director SE Division, Volunteer Examiner; Society of Wireless Pioneers, the Quarter Century Wireless Assoc., the Old Old Timer's Club, the Amateur Radio
Emergency Service, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, 10-10 club and Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society (LMARS). Other Interests: Astrophysics; currently studying the tiny interstellar dust particles were collected by the spacecraft Stardust which has ended a 7-year, 3 billion mile journey through the solar system. Reviewing 1.6 million 260 x 340 micron slides microscopically for an estimated 40 interstellar dust particles 10-20 microns dia. and 4.6 billion years old. Additional: Past president of the Indian River ARC, Brevard Repeater Assoc., Brevard Amateur Radio Packet Assoc. past president of the Space Center Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida.

KS6Y Bill Almerez - QTH - Spring Valley, CA. -I am also a ham liscensee in Ireland; my callsign is EI7JE and my QTH there is Cahresherkin, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland. I'm on the air there about twice a year in April-May and again in October-November. I had some older callsigns here in the states and they were WN6MXE in 1964-65. In 1975 I got WA6EKQ which changed to my present callsign in 1978 when I got my Extra class call. My primary mode is CW - as usual for an old O5H ... hi hi.

NU8R Chris Crobaugh - QTH - North Ridgeville, OH - I was 177th ASA 8/64 to 9/65 or so . . . got on the website originally from that. Worked as controller in Criticomm, but helped out in maintenance in dittybop land, mainly on green monster. Would like to contact former 177th types.

WB2ZHW Domenic Mozzone - QTH - Commack, NY - I am off the air now but here goes - I've been an amateur for 43 yrs now, started when I was 11!! I got a walkie talkie for Christmas that year and thought it was so cool to communicate up to 3 blocks with a friend of mine. I then decided to get a CB set when someone told me about that so I treked over to Harrison Radio in lower Manhattan from Queens, on a sneak one day as I wasn't allowed out of the neighborhood by my mom, and got introduced to amateur radio by one of the salesman. I was hooked after that conversation hearing that you could speak to folks worldwide...WOW I thought!!! That was for me. The salesman gave me a licence qualification guide and I bought an album that taught morse code. I was so intent on getting into this I learned the code on my own within a week and took the novice test and passed on the first try. Again, all on the sneak as I needed to go to Manhattan again to the FCC to take the test. My parents had no clue what i was up to at that time. When I received my licence in the mail 6 weeks later I had some explaining to do as to how I orchestrated this feat on my own. They were upset and proud at the same time so I got a lift next time from my dad to purchase my first rig a Hammarlund HQ170A receiver that I still own and use for listening today. I also purchased an EICO 720 CW transmitter kit that I build myself at 11 yrs old, man was I excited when I plugged it in and saw those tubes begin to light up!!!! I was on the air afterwards with various rigs until I got married and got side tracked from the hobby. Now that my kids are grown I have become interested again and can copy about 25 wpm after about a week of brush up; I used to do 35 on a mill during my time in the ASA as a morse intercept operator. I purchased a used Kenwood KS 830S about a year ago (2004), fired it up a few times to listen and there it still sits until I get an antenna hooked up in the yard. Seems that during the amateur radio rekindling i got into Harley riding which has consumed my summer away. Now that its winter I can see I will be a seasonal biker and amateur radio operator satisfying both of those passions. I prefer CW, always have, gee I wonder why :-). Heck its a lot more fun and challenging that's why!!!! So that is my story guys and gals, I am getting into a "new" amateur radio hobby since I left it about 20-25 yrs ago to raise kids and do other stuff. Am finding it fun and certainly cannot wait until I get myself on the air again. I even purchased a bug and mike similar to what i had as a kid. Getting a kick out of that and now realize how industrious I was as an 11 yr old to set myself to a goal and achieve it all alone which led to many years of fun and worked out great for me when I went to AIT in Devens. They thought I was a freak passing the code course within a week....It took that long as I didn't know how to type at that time......I was fisting with code at about 30 WPM when I got sworn in. Hope to catch a few of you on the air soon.

WD0HTV Harlan Olson - QTH - Longmont, CO -WB0WIO was my Elmer when I got my novice license in 1977, and he continued to coach me until I got my Advanced. I've been inactive for the last few years, but that is changing. You see my son bought me a ICOM IC-7000 for Christmas, so now I am looking for a antenna to put up in my restricted neighborhood. I was with the 3rd RRU in Saigon as an 056 (RDF), where I was a network control operator on the flash and report nets. I currently live in Longmont, CO, and am the webmaster for You can email me at:

KK4ZY Ed Moore - QTH - Sierra Vista, AZ - After college, military service in the Air Force, more college, work, military service in the Army, I decided to spend more time at home with the family
so in 1980 I left active duty and joined the Army Reserve at Ft. Meade, MD. I told the guy at the 97th ARCOM that I wanted a job in electronics, and after much head scratching, he finally sent me to a couple of units on Fort Meade, MD, (where I had been on active duty, and only a short 10 minutes from my home) to look for a slot. Checked out the 99th ASA Company first, but the following Saturday, less than a week later, I joined the 342ND ASA Company. What a great outfit! I instantly (almost) became a 33S, Electronic Warfare/Intercept Equipment Repair Technician, and later, a 285A, Warrant Officer EWI Tech. I was with the 342nd from May ?80 to July ?82, managing the CEM Shop and I would have stayed there till they were disbanded except that the company I was working for had other ideas, like transferring me to a Navy base in Georgia to work on submarine communications. Later, after being first licensed as N4OEX (Technician) about 1984, then upgrading to KK4ZY (Advanced), I lived and worked with the US military in Europe from ?99 to 2005, and held call signs DA1ZY and M0KZY, and also the US Army MARS call, AEM1ZY. Now I?m back in the states, working with the US Army at the Army Intel Center, Fort Huachuca.

N1CMU Bill Croninger - QTH - Alfred, ME - Formerly KA0MXZ

NX7Z Bob Weed - QTH - Kingman, AZ - 98G04B, Asmara Ethiopia 1969

KB9VWK/4 Lloyd R. Bennett - QTH - Jamestown, KY - Formerly WA9IDI. Stationed 184th USASA Co. 1959-1960. Was and 058 and tried to herd everyone together when the Platoon Sgt. Wasn't around. Didn't get my ticket until I joined USAF, few months after leaving USASA. Not many jobs available back then, so went into USAF and became Heavy Ground Radar Repairman and technician class Ham. I had tried to change MOS to radio repairman while in the ASA but they weren't interested. One of first jobs I had when discharged from USAF was lead technician on an R390 manufacturing line. Outfit was called Communications Systems Corporation based in Morton Grove, Ill. We had only one approved by GI when I left for another job. They eventually went under not making very many, if any, that were accepted. I usually work CW but have lately been on mostly PSK31, hearing isn't what it used to be! QTH is Jamestown, Ky. Next to Cumberland Lake, about 100 miles S. of Lexington. Hope this finds all bright and bushy tailed and hpe to cu agn on the bands. Regards, Lloyd R Bennett.

N6FXB Earl Moreo 05H, 330th RR, 175Th RR, VHFS, 156 th AVN Co (RR), 1st RR (AVN), Ramasun Station, Det J 7th RR FS Ubon, Torii Stn Okinawa. Took General class license exam very cold at San Francisco, CA, using DD 214 and Alameda Co library card as ID. The examiner figured that code would get me until she noticed I sat more or less side ways to my desk for the code exam and started a bit late, and stayed behind. Active in DARA since 1984. Currently Assistant Chair for DARA booth at Hamvention for any one who wants to drop by.

WA1QZK - ( WILD animal one Quiet Zoo Keeper ) Ronald Draper - QTH - Middleton, MA - Got out of ASA in 1970. Got ham ticket as WA3LVM (Little Viscous Monster) Got active in ARMY Mars 2 years prior to exit serving at Ft. Meade Md. AD3LVM and MARS Station. Took the reigns in Civil Defense at the County Level ( Berks) in time for the Johnstown Floods. My first taste of Emergency Communications and the need to be prepared ... Now living about 20 mi NE of Boston. Back into Civil Defense again and started up group called The North Shore Civil Defense Council to augment needed Communications and Fire auxiliary services in surrounding communities. Just in time for the Blizzard of 1978. Now Getting quite good at the tasks involved. Teamed up with local to get going FEMA quick response team for Nuclear Response in case of Issues with the 2 Power plants nearby. FEMA then starting to recognize a need for Rapid Deployment of Search Teams in the advent of the La Poma Earthquake in Calif. Deployed to Atlanta Olympics, several Hurricanes, Space Shuttle Disaster, World Trade Center attack and local situations. I am a Skywarn NWS spotter, American Red Cross, and SATURN network affiliate. I stand ready to deploy in any emergency now with VHF and HF gear Portable VHF repeater that ready to go and be self sufficient for 3-5 days. I Like FSTV SSTV PSK 31 modes Have VHF and UHF repeater on air at QTH. I don't get to play too much except on Sundays PM. Rig IC 756 Pro2 + 1 KW amp on 80-10 meters. Use other rig Yeasu 726 R For FM & Sat work 10,6,2,1.25 meters. Real time WEFAX system too. 2 towers in yard & loaded (largest static collector in area ...) Been a Ham since 1969. Station photos and etc. can be viewed on Webpage Go to ron's page If anyone is interested in FEMA US&R website

W1DOG - Hurb Ingles - I currently live in Haddock, GA. My duty stations included: Fort Devens (69-70; 71-79 > 33C and SPRS instructor) Tuslog Det. 4 (70-71) First Licensed in 1973 as N1SSD and the used the subsequent WA1SSD until 1999. After my 10 years in the ASA, I left for a position with Hewlett Packard's Medical Electronics Division in Waltham, MA. I remained in Massachusetts after the division was sold to Philips. I took early retirement to move to Middle Georgia and am near 2 grandson?s. My wife Linda and I have been together over 35 years with 3 children of our own (3 grandchildren), some 70+ foster children, and over 200 foster dogs. Ah, 200+ foster dogs and the call W1DOG??? Go figure.... Hurb can be found on the low bands using phone and some digital modes, plus 6, 2 and 440 to round the operations out. Current station includes a TS-2000, AL-1500, TM-700, Mosley CL-33M @ 55', Crushcraft 6/2/440 combo @ 55' and a 3rd tower with a pair of Comet verticals covering 80m through 70cm @ 40'. In the pick-up, I run a FT-8900 with a Comet 4 band ant. and TS-140 on an old Webster Bandspanner antenna.

K8AXW - ex-DL4TPO - Allen Poland - I presently live in Keyser, WV. I went to ASA school at Ft.Devens in 1954 and was sent to Bad Aibling, Germany the fall of 54. MOS was 1717. In 1956 I finally realized a life-long dream and got my Conditional Ham ticket. My call was K8AXW and then I took the trip to Munich and got my German ticket and call, DL4TPO. I think they made a mistake by issuing a 3 letter suffix and later questioned them about it. They insisted that it was not a mistake. This was when I concluded that Germans don't make "mistakes!" I joined Dave, DL4RK, in the old airfield control tower where he had his station set up. Fantastic view! Propagation in 1956 was incredible. We enjoyed the highest sunspot cycle in recorded history. Running a GlobeKing 400B on AM and a Cubical Quad antenna, the world was at our finger tips. We ran phone patches to the States almost every night. I left Bad Aibling in a fierce snow storm on Dec. 4, 1956 and arrived in the States in January 57. With the FCC threatening to call in Conditional Class licensees for testing, I got my General ticket and then the Extra Class and 1st Phone Commercial licenses within a year. That took care of that problem! Since the Bad Aibling Kaserne (later changed to Bad Aibling Station) is still a love in my life, I always like to hear from men who were stationed there. 73 -

AG6E - David J. Ziskin -QTH is Culver City, CA. - posted to Det. 27 / Manzarali Stn in Turkey '63-'65. Was originally sent as an 058; was transferred to the 059 rooms. With few exceptions, I
have worked in electronics since my military days. I have 2nd telegraph, 2nd phone, GMDSS op & maintainer licenses, USCG R/O license, etc. Went sailing many years ago and my last was Chief R.E.O. / S.C.O. on a MSC contract-operated tanker. Days of the Morse op at sea essentially disappeared years ago - and the days of the Radio-Electronics Officer are almost gone - with very few exceptions. 2nd telegraph is still rquired for a USCG R/O license - but I do not know of anyone still using Morse - all comms are now by satellite. Any Det 27 vets/hams in the Los Angeles area?

K2YIZ - Scott Fitzgerald - I was in Charlie Trick, 184th USASA from 1959-1962 in Rothwesten. Had my General already, got DL4OJ and worked with an existing long wire strung across the parking lot to a tree from the 4th flr of the billets. Rig, if you can believe it, was a barefoot Heathkit VFO running ?? miiliwatts and a National NC-300? receiver. Actually worked a lot of local Europeans on 40, probably had harmonics everywhere. Pretty solitary hobby, didn't know any other hams at the time. May have not wanted to advertise it, as someone at the ops building might have thought I could potentially interfere with the mission. PO Box 1603 Block Island RI 02807

N4CSS - Harold W. (Harry) Moritz - QTH is Pell City, AL. Formerly WA9IZF. While at Devens, I was encouraged into Amateur radio by a buddy there John Blanke, K2OAA. After 058 > 056 school at Devens, I transferred overseas in February, 1963 to the 83rd R.R.S.O.U. in Bangkok, Thailand. I worked in Bangkok as a D.F. Operator from Feb 63-Nov 63. In Bangkok I took thte test and got my ham ticket. In November, 1963, I transferred to 83rd R.R.S.O.U.?s Detachment "C" in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I worked in Chiang Mai as a D.F. Operator from November 1963 to July, 1966. For a short time in Chaing Mai, I operated a ham station using HS1HM. The ASA powers in charge were afraid that the Thai police would bust me. At the time, the penalty for illegal operation was death. The high point of my ASA duty in Chiang Mai was getting written up for using a speed key on the DF net.... when it was really a straight key... My fist was really in on those few times! In July, 1966, I transferred to 83rd R.R.S.O.U.?s Detachment "D" in Udorn, Thailand. I helped set up the first and second D.F. Sites in Udorn. For the approximately last 12 months of my assignment I was worked as an R.F.P. operator assigned to the Special Identification Techniques (S.I.T.) Section. In March 1968, I left Udorn and returned to undergraduate school (BS in Geology) at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I upgraded to General Class while in Madison. I attended Graduate School (MS in Geology) at the University of Georgia in Athens. I worked for the Department of the Interior I retired in 2004. I have just moved to Pell City, Alabama. While I am not now on the air, I plan on setting up a morse unit in the near future at our place on the lake. I was listening to code the other day and I can still read about 25 WPM, but I am sure the fist is a bit more rusty than that. Would like to email chat with anyone who was in Udorn when I was (1966-1968). Regards, Harry

MI3NA Robert Snyder - I was assigned the callsign MI3NA and operated in Asmara from 50-52, W3VUH in the USA from 53 to present, DL4BX in Baumholder from 55-58. "BOB" Snyder, 6646 Wind Ridge Road Mount Airy, MD 21117

WB9LIF - Steve Preflatish
- Greetings from WB9LIF!!! I was trained at Ft Devens, (33F), and spent quite a bit of time at USASAFS Sobe, in Okinawa. I was a ham before I went into the Army. Drove the O5's nuts! Had to run the Torii Station MARS Sttion for about a month once as I was the only Ham on the post! (I think the callsign was KR6QW). Anyhow, spend most of my ham time on CW, QRP, with small rigs I build myself, and take them into the woods, combining my three favorite things, Fly-fishing, Ham radio and backpacking!! 73 to all!!!

N7OP - Rich Stocking - Was stationed at Devens 1973-74. 33C MOS. Followed by Sinop 74-75 Hippy maintenance (During the arms embargo and strikes). Back to Devens then TDY to Ft Monmouth, Hood, and Huachuca on Project Trailblazer. First licensed as WN0DPI 1972, then WB0DPI (Conditional General). Later served with the 138th AVN CO (CEWI) 33S30 MOS. Went over to the "dark side" in 1985 - USN aviator - retired in 2001. Navy MARS NNN0FCT - Also was MM0BYC at RAF Kinloss Scotland from 1997-2001. Yeah, I can actually say "Back in my RAF days"..- Active RTTY contester. Total ham family: KD5PLE, KD5PLF and KD5PEV. CU on the air!

WB9GMO/4 Mike Hammel - QTH Roswell, GA - 0582L68 (or for NUGS: 05H2L68 [spic lingy]) 76th USASASOU 64-66, Phu Bai 66-67, VHFS 67-68, Phu Bai Too 2004 Regrunion

WD5GKE - Bill Wetzel - QTH West Virginia - ASA 1947-1957. California, Korea, Philippines, Okinawa, Germany. Joined Army Jan 1947, sent to Cp Stoneman CA for assignment to Philippines. While in Repo Depot an officer from 9th Det 2d Sig Svc Bn (ASA) picked Robert O Schuster and myself to be assigned to unit as OJT comcenter operators until March 1949. Amateur Call WD5GKE Army MARS call AAT3EI

WX3X - Ronald Peckingham - QTH Moscow, Pennsylvania, USA. Lakawanna County Grid EM40.

KU4PV - Bill Mowery - QTH Columbia, SC - Fairly new in the Ham game (licensed in '97) but as an ex-33S didn't have much trouble with the ham exam . . . including morse. Went from Nothing - Tech Plus - Advanced - Extra in that order in about 6 months. Caught the tail end of ASA in '76 and was present at the change of command in Devens from ASA to INSCOM - lot of long faces were there! Did time in VHFS, Ft. Meade, and FS Korea, finished out with the 853rd in Hunter Airfield with the 24th Infantry. Getting back on the air from a new QTH. I do mostly CW (but hope the 05H guys don't take that as a challenge!) and like the idea of an ASA net somewhere. Bill Mowery, PMP Series II Outsourcing & Delivery 803.333.2872 Office 803.333.4676 Fax

AB0ZR - Sheldon Hendricks out of Sioux Falls, SD. Was an 05H from 1965 to 1974. Was at Rothwestern Germany; Vint Hill Farms, VA; Phu Bai, Vietnam; Vint Hill Farms, VA; Ft. Meade, MD, Hakata Station, Japan; Tori Station, Okinawa; and Vint Hill Farms, VA.

WY1K - Name is Mick Whelpley location Titusville FL.

WA2RVU - Tom Glover - Hamilton NJ. ASA MOS 058.2 January 28, 1955 - January 28 1958. Bad Aibling Germany and Aviano AFB, Udine, Italia.

N4KA - Web Anderson - Sinop Det 4 1963

KE4PPI - Pete McGovern - QTH is Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Trained at Devens in ?65, O5H at Phu Bai '66-'67, Homestead AFB ?67, Card Sound Naval Security Group, Key Largo ?68-69. Went back to school in Florida, got married and became a civilian employee in Florida where I remain, operating CW, CLOVER, RTTY and other digital modes with a simple dipole and Elecraft K2 with a blistering 3 watts! Maybe you?ll hear me on the air on day.

DL4OJ/K2YIZ - Scott Fitzgerald - QTH - Block Island, RI - I was an 058 at Rothwesten from 1959-62. Also had the callsign DL4OJ. I ran a barefoot Heathkit VFO to an existing long wire across the billets parking lot, with a National receiver - worked all over Europe on CW on mulitiple bands (simultaneously!)

KB1WI - Chuck Fisk - I was W9CPH when I was in Korea as an 058 1956-1957 - 330th Comm Recon Co.

KC4GQ - Robert (Earl) West - Rabun Gap, GA. ( I graduated from the 056 (DF) school at Ft. Devens in late 1962. I was assigned to the 3rd RRU Phu Bai as an 056 operator. I really became proficient in CW in Vietnam and when I finished I could copy 40 wpm and send at least 30. No longer though. I first became interested in ham radio at Devens, where the school store stocked some basic CW ham rigs. After I was discharged in 1965, I decided to get my license. Family events precluded that until 1976, when I passed the necessary 13 wpm (send & receive) for the General class license and became WD4NAW. Later, I upgraded to Advance class as KC4GQ, my current callsign. I have enjoyed working DX and rag chewing for many years and currently run a barefoot IC-745 into a dipole. I am retired (airline) and I mainly work 40m with a group of eight hams that has been active together for over 20 years, but my wife got me an ham/computer interface for my last birthday I am getting interested in PSK-31. I don't work much code anymore, but that may also change.

KA2MYP - Gary E. Smith - Class: Novice -

W7ASA - Raymond E. Tougas - Westminster, Md - When I saw this callsign become available while I was living in Idaho, I pounced.

W1YB - Johnne Lee Ables - CQ CQ CQ ASA de W1YB W1YB I'm a former 11B/98G; "deployed" hither, thither and yon from '63 - '79!

W4FB - Fred Blackman - QTH - High Point, NC. Served at ASA Headquarters Company-Europe in Frankfurt/Main, Germany in the mid-50's as a radio traffic analyst. Got to travel around Europe quite a bit. Was schooled at Fort Devens and at Arlington Hall, VA. Retired in 2001 after five years in radio and 40 years as a TV News anchor. Became a ham in 1983. I'm not very active on the air these days, but when I was, my favorite mode was CW. Previous call signs: KB4FAJ, KI4MN, AND AA4IZ. I remember the night the company ham station in Frankfurt, DL4ASA,
made contact with a Russian operator, which I thought was a hoot considering the business we were in.

K2GPM - Donald (Don) Nathan - Sun City Center, FL

N4YOP - Nancy Harbaugh Lumpkin - I have been a ham since 1990. My husband had told some of the local hams about my service as 05H and they were very excited to get me to help out on field day. I took my code test and had perfect copy at 20 WPM. They were astonished. I had brought a laptop to take the test on since I was used to using the keyboard for copying code, but decided to take it by hand and see how I could do after 12 years of no code copying. I got my technician ticket that night. I got my Amateur Extra license a year later. I am not as active as I once was, but we are getting back into it slowly but surely. We help out on lost hiker searches at the local state parks, do weather spotting, and some contesting. I usually help out on the 40 meter CW station at field day 73 -

N7JRP - Mike Stimbert - VHFS 75-78 -

N5CWO - Dave Rosenquist - QTH - Garland, Texas. Was stationed at PCRS Frankfurt (In the Park and the Abrams Building) from 1971 ? 1972. Moved FS Augsburg in 1972.


KE7JEY Steve Gates, Pendleton, Oregon Just got my ticket in 06 upgraded to General in 07. Running a Yeasu 857D with a Diamond V-2000 Tri-band antenna. The radio has all the freqs, but limited to 70 cm, 2m and 6m by the antenna. Basic at Ft. Ord and 98J school at Ft. Devens in 1969. Processed through Gutleut (sp) Kaserne and sent to Ramstein AFB assigned to an A3D for overflights of Czechoslovakia before my first flight, they transferred the aircraft to Shemya. Reassigned to USASAFS Berlin worked Rudow & LFC closed Rudow in early 72 and established new location within T-Burg with the Airforce ETS in Sept. 1972. Loved the job & the work great memories with great people.

K5VJE - O. G. (Sonny) Martin (1959 to Present), other calls KN5VJE (1958), KR6ZM (1959 Okinawa Novice), KR6KT (1959 to1961 personal call Okinawa), Chief Op KR6QW 3rd USASAFS club station. Active on 2 meters at this time. Manage Avionics shop at local airport.

W4LYL - Bill Hendricks - Ormond Beach, Florida -

N3XN--Neal Moore - -QTH Jonesboro, AR 72401--Operate HF Phone & CW Fort Devens June 61 to Mar 62; graduated 058 course Nov 61; Bad Aibling Kaserne Co. A, 320th ASA BN Mar 62 to Apr 64; NSA Jun 67 to Jun 79; worked in Signal Collection and as Cryptologic Staff Officer on Director's Policy Staff and Operations Staff of Deputy Director for Operations; retired from Treasury Department 2003.

WA4IKU - Steve Roth - Madison, VA. ASA 1966-1970 - 05H. Ham since 1970. Former Callsign WA3PMS (PA) and CE3YO during Gov assignment to Chile 1971-1973.


K3UST - Don Schey - Primary mode of operation is PSK on whatever band is open.

KC5QE, Ronald Roan - formerly wb6edj, da1md, da2ro...DA1MD while at USAFSA Augsburg Germany, 1976-1980 -

AF4EZ - Ralph Reinhold - Hi was an 058 (then 05h) in Asmara. I ended up a dittybopper because I was a General Class when I enlisted (K9OOX). Some years later, I let it laps. I worked as a Broadcast Engineer for 10 years then an Optical Engineer. I decided to get back active and took the tests passed both.

AA1MO Nelson Dionne, Salem MA 01970 Ex ASA 05H - have 3 R-390's -

K5PSH - Gerald (Jerry) Steck - qth--bryan, texas - MOS--05h - served 1966-70------after Devens, went to sobe camp okinawa(1966-67--didn't do full tour at oki); transferred to 7th at udorn(1967-68); then to ASA field station chitose(1968-70)--while at chitose did 30 day TDY to camp humphrey in korea-- been licensed since 1958--same call, except began as kn5psh; novice --work cw only(of course)--activity off just now, but when the sun gets some spots going i'll be right back on the air; active status-- upon looking at the call signs listed, i believe wb4hij, marshal (bud) johnson and i knew each other at udorn--he got the mars station, i got the seat at ops--i guess it was a fair swap- 73 all -

N4BBT - Larry Boyter - Virginia Beach, VA - Was 98G at USASA Gp Korea then USASA Field Station Korea 1970-72. Usually worked the mid trick. Haven't been active on HF lately, but hope to get back to it soon.

K3UI - Richard Spargur - I see Bill Almeraz KS6A is the top entry on the web page. We were in High School together. He was the year ahead of me. We enlisted together, and went to basic training together at Fort Ord. We went to AIT at Fort Devins, He becam an Hog and I a 33B, then G, then F, then S, then 285A, then 353A. I last saw Bill Almerez in 1972 at the 8th Rock & Roll Freak Show (RRFS), Phu Bai, Vietnam where I installed a remote operated AN/TRD-15 MRDF station in the swamp past the airport. Thanks for helping us make contact again.

K4PWF WALLACE O. FAISON Richmond, Va. Spent '55 - '56 with Det. 2, 501 CRG over on the East coast a couple of miles upwind of Sokcho-Ri. All the usual activities, i.e., Morse Intercept, DF, San Miguel, etc. Got a Conditional from the FCC in '58 and my double E at VPI in '60. Worked 40 years in the electric utility industry where the power frequency bandwidth is 0 to 180 Hz. Raising a family seemed to always keep me behind the curve with Amateur Radio Ops. Now that the kids are grown and gone and the XYL is properly maintained, I have more time for hamming! Biggest opportunity now is trying to raise an antenna farm on a suburban QTH canopied with mature trees. Best Wishes, Wally -

W3HSI - Russell Service changed to George Comnenoi. MOS 98J.20, Elent Analyst. 303rd ASA Bn. -

WB0RED - Clay Lansdown - I was in Vietnam - Davis Station, 3rd RRU in 62/63. MOS 056 cross trained to 054. Got my ham license in 66 in Mineral Wells TX. Upgraded to Advanced Class a year or so later. Used the GI bill to get a BSEE at the University of Texas at Arlington. Moved to CO when I graduated in 1972- remember when they made you change your call when you moved into a new region? That's where WB0RED came in. Retired in 2002, sold the house put the money away and am currently seeing the USA in a motorhome with my wife, two shelties, and damn cat. My equipment is all Heathkit tube type stuff and is in storage - except for an old ICOM 2AT which I have with me. Can't talk to hardly anyone though since it doesn't have the newfangled tone capability. I will get a new HF rig when I can find a real deal and get the Hustler antenna out of storage. I have all the coils for it - at least the ones that were legal in 1966. Full timing in a 2004 Winnebago Sightseer 35N -

WX40 - John Tidball - Been WX4O since 83. First licensed in 69. -

WD5BLQ - Jim Lanham - 05d.40 With SFC French's Fly-away Team Got this Novice call back in 1976 and just kept it up haven't been on the air in years but still got the rigs Drake R4-C, Kenwood TS520 Xcrver, real old Transoceanic and Hallicrafters receivers.

WX4O - John Tidball - 05D at 14th USASAFS, Hakata, Japan, '64 to '67. Licensed in 1969. QTH nowAnniston, AL. Use ICOM and Kenwood rigs to multi-band dipole and 4BTV. How 'bout the bottomed-out sunspot cycle!?

N4KA -- Web - Sinop Turkey 1963-1965. Foxtrot postion.. a little slow for my taste by lots of time to read and listen to AFR & NPR. Worked with a lot of Great Guys, and believe or not some great supervisiors.

K1AWX Vic Brunette - QTH - Fairhaven MA - Was WL7BTB at Wildwood Station Alaska from 1955-57. Built a little Heathkit DX-35, dropped a wire out of the window and worked the world on 15-80 meters CW. Still periodically on 20 mtrs. with QRP rig and still CW. -

KA1SU - Jim Fowler -

K9GA - George Armstrong - And, any QSL info for KA2KS club station is also appreciated! Please assist! I'm looking for QSL info for the following calls: KZ5ES OP: BILL KZ5NG OP: BRUCE KZ5SH KS4CF OP: RUSS (Swan Island club station) Any info is appreciated! 73,
K9GA, George -

KB(VWK/4 - Lloyd R Bennett Started service in USMCR, quit, wound up in the USASA 184th USASA Co, Rothwesten as 058.3. Joined USAF after Army, became heavy ground radar repair, 937th AC&W, Ohlson Mt., AK. Discharged from USAF 65...joined USNR in late 70's, early 80's as ATC. Current operate Ten Tec Omni, bareback, mostly CW(Naturally, and PSK31. 73's to all -

WA4KPB - Lon Purvis - I was KZ5FP in canal zone from 1962-1965. What a great time we had at the station ( KZ5FC) in our barracks. Contest weekends were great and there were enough of us to do the whole weekend. Wonderful memories,

N5NF - Watt Gee - I have been a ham for 9 years now. Primarily CW and like 20 meters when it is open. I am 79 years old and live in Austin, Texas. I found this site while looking for an Old friend of mine, Father Lloyd, the missionary at the Episcopalian mission In Kyoto in 1950 when I was stationed there with the US Army. If anyone can tell me what happened to him I would appreciate it. Thank You - By the way I was an interpreter for the C.I.C in Korea before it became know as M.I. Didn't last long though, they were looking for someone that could speak Mandarin and were they ever surprised when I first arrived and the Major greeted me in Mandarin and I answered him in Cantonese which was what I learned at the Army Language school in Monterey, Ca. So anyway he told me that as long as I was a Medic before I get there to go down to Seoul and find a Job. The 65th Med Gp was glad to see me and made me the ncoic in charge of 65th Med Gp medical logistics where I served til they sent my back to stateside for further duty, as a medic of course. Used to go to Chan Town San Francisco to watch movies and eat Cantonese cooking. Sure miss that here in Texas. Any way thanks for responding to me and sorry I butted in to your site. spook at heart, Watt Gee -

WB6OFG - William R. Tarn - formerly WN6OFG. was a 31E20 FRR, E-5. Chu Lai 328th RRC 1968-1969. Bill Tarn

N3VJV - Gordon Spessard - Hams don't have handles - that's for CBers. - 9th USASA Field Station Clark Field 1956 to 1958. I was a 965, but I caught the 058 bug while I was there. So I taught myself the code while I was there. -

AA4TA - Jack Byrd - I was at Devens during the summer of 1964, at the time I had a conditional license, WA4KHJ. PCSs to the Philippines and then TDY to Phi Bai. April 1965 to Dec. 1965. From there to Bad Abling as DL5HU. Became a Proud civilian in Dec. 1967. Upgraded in 1980 to extra as AA4TA. Active on the emergency nets, Red Cross communications in Clarksville, Tenn. Work as a communications officer for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency. Running a TenTec on all bands. Catch you on the air!!

W0JJL - James L. Monk - My call (since June 3, 1948) is W0JJL. look me up on 329th Korea, DF Site 6, near Kumwha until March 53...... returning to Devens until discharge in Dec, '53. ex/SSGT -

KE4PU - James Thompson - Good evening all--i am in louisville, tn. was in thailand for 4 years -from 1963 to 1968 married to a girl that live near kabinburi ...was in the army with the 809th. -

N6RQQ - Tom Hieronymus - SF Bay Area. Was a 33C/F in Germany (68-70). Made Advanced class in the late '80s. Operated Maritime Mobil aboard a medical non-profit in Oceana and while cruising south of the border. Started using computer controlled CW and AMTOR/PACTOR early on and love WinLink/SailMail to get email at sea. -

W8ASA - Ken Gunton - First licensed in 1964 as a Conditional in Germany. I operate HF and VHF, preferring to dig those hard-to-hear CW signals out of the noise. Previous calls: WB6QWF, WA3BQU, DL4AA, DL4WU. MARS AB8AQ (Phu Bai) and N0QQI (Navy MARS).

K5PSH - Jerry Steck - Bryan, Texas been a ham since 1958--had 8 years in grade (amateur radio time in grade that is) before i joined ASA--spent time in sobe okinawa, udorn thailand, and chitose japan-- now 63 years old(is that possible?), married to a wonderful girl for 33 years, retired, and enjoying life-- work CW(what else?) exclusively--keep a sked twice a week with Larry Sullens, AB6ME who was a great friend at chitose, and still is, --keep up with several old friends who i came back into contact with via your page-- i still seem to gravitate toward signals that seem to be trying to hide under RTTY or some other QRM--don't know why, except that old habits are hard to break i suppose--<grin> -

K4PSW - Donald R. Anderson - Andy -

WD4MQD - Bill May - SSG O5K3 with a host of ASI's: Ft. Devens (USASATC&S), FS Berlin (Co A, B Trick), Ft. Gordon (Co A 1st Bn Sch Bde), Ft. Riley (337th ASA), Ft. Devens (again-USAIS Det ), Corry Station (NTTC USAIS Corry), Ft. Devens (again-505th ASA), Mid-East (deployment), Ft. Huachuca (USAINSBRD), Augsburg (409th ASA), Ft. Meade (NSA), Saudi (deployment), Ft. Meade (NSA), Home to Alabama (out of intell out of touch). Gear: A single Realistic HTX-202 bought in 91 that's been dropped (from 65ft fire aerial), kicked, dunked, soaked, burnt, and still gets use calling in storm spotting reports without ever going to the shop. What a great BRICK. Was N3FUB for a few years and returned to my old callsign in early 90's.
I have to be honest, the 202 has seen my soldering iron a couple of times due to the fall(s) and other hazards of being mine. Never take seriously a 1SG who asks a cherry, "Didn't you work for me at Phu Bei?" Ask Ray (W7ASA) about our long wire experiment concerning said 1SG. :o) Currently a contractor with Northrop/Grumman IT in central Alabama. -

W1UHY- Norm Dias - QTH Hobe Sound, FL ,I have been a Licensed Ham for 56 years (1951). ASA from 1951 to 1953. Went to TSESS Camp Gordon GA, 3766 MOS (high Speed Op) Went to Vint Hill Farms for a short time, then off to Fort Devens MA Where we assembled the 354 Comm Recon Company 502 Group . Stationed in Heilbronn Germany. Got my first Ham license at Camp Gordon GA. Originally came from Massachusetts. Now living in Florida. Same callsign from the very beginning. Now Operate 10-20 Meters SSB/CW and 2 Meters FM. Limited by antennas. -

KI4EED - Lonnie Underwood -

K9MBA - Joe Dunphy, - General Class, with Morse Code, Clifton, NJ. Former Active Duty Signal Corps in Korea, 304th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Bde in support of 8th Army. Back in the states, went Reserve with the 298th ASA at senic Sandy Hook, NJ, which more or less supported the 50th Armored Division (Heavy), HQ out of Ft. Dix, NJ. 298th morphed into the 453rd Electronic Warfare, heavy in signal, intell and security MOSs. During Vietnam era, the unit had a mix of active duty veterans and local professionals with a wide variety of skills, and was very hands-on in exercising people and equipment, as we were located near Ft. Monmouth and signal R&D. 50th Armored Division got lighter, as recruiting fell off in NJ, went mechanized infantry, and became a Armored Brigade, attached to the 42nd Infantry Div. (Mech), out of New York. Lineage of the 42nd is "The Rainbow Div." of General MacArthur in WWI, (my grandfather's div, by the way), which in WWII liberated the concentration camp a Dachau, and one of the signs hangs in the Div. Armory near Albany. The 42nd was activated for Gulf War I (c. 1991), Gulf War II (c. 2002-present), and various individuals had served in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Panama, and the rescue of the medical school students on Grenada. And, of course, members of the 42nd were activated for state active duty on 9-11-2001. The unit patch can be seen on Sgt O'Neill's shoulder in the hit movie "Godzilla," with Matthew Broderick. 73s -

K3HZR - Morse code ham 1957 to present,inactive now due to Computer taking over my life.Was stationed at "Herzo" 1948 o 1950 with the 52nd Signal Service Detachment.Monitering the Armed Forces in Eucom and Army Transports at sea for security violations.MOS 799 at the is

K5ZZ - Bill MacDonald - My ham call is currently K5ZZ and I operate mostly 20M CW mobile around 14,033 KHz. I also operate a great program called CQ100, which is a virtual ham radio community. It supports voice, CW, and even PSK31. You can find it at There is a 90-day free trial with a subsequent charge of $32 a year. Once a paid-up member, it is possible to instantaneously transmit JPEG photographs between operators. Ex callsigns are HL9TH and KA9AA, among others. I spent 30 years in ASA and its follow-on (1947-1977) and retired as a CWO4 in 1977.

Hello Guys.. My Name is Geno.. Detroit Lakes, Mn. Got My Ham ticket 1962 . Ole-timer Callsign WNYY then changed to KRJ... aka Found this website by accident. I arrived FT.Devens Mass. Jan. 1953.. 24 weeks of CW School.. Went to 332 com-recon. Germany. middle of 1953. Operated from back of a Deuce & Half top of a HILL at Coberg, Germ. then over to BAMBERG.. In Recon Trucks.. Then went TDY for about 1 1/2 Years at HERZO BASE . Herzogenaurach--closest town.. A video program... Boy was that GRAVEY.. No Officers Just EM... to Report to...About a dozen of US.. 3 shift operation.. 73 geno...

My HAM callsign is K5QC. Thanks for building the site, CLEO H. BUTCHER - Denton, Tx. -

This is SFC Gary E. Kohtala, K7EK, in Spanaway, WA. I'm a retired 05H (98H). I did 22 years on active duty and saw ASA come and go. CEWI really stinks! It's the worst thing to ever come down the pike. During my 22 years in the army, I managed to OJT into the 95B MOS, with the intention of going into civilian law enforcement once I retired. That and an associate degree in administration of justice got me nowhere. I never did realize my dream for a myriad of reasons.

I was WA7NTF during my army career from 1972 - 1994. I later dropped the A and became W7NTF... a better CW callsign :)... and then I dropped the entire callsign for something shorter... K7EK. I've been that ever since. My tours include Vietnam (146th ASA Aviation Company/224th Aviation Battalion, Radio Research, Can Tho), 7th RRFS in Udorn Thailand, USAFS Korea (four tours between 1974 and 1994), Field Station Auguburg, Fort Lewis, WA, Fort Devens, MA, and Vint Hill Farms Station, VA. I held the callsigns DA2XF from 1982-1985, and HL9TG (Top Gun!) from 1974 - 1994. After retirement from the army at Fort Lewis, WA, I got a second associate degree and embarked upon a second career in simulations. I was the Corps Battle Simulations System Administrator at North Fort Lewis, WA from 1997 - 2000, and then jumped into field service of virtual training devices with Pulau Electronics Corp. I was eventually the Pacific Northwest Lead Technician for the GMT program. I repaired, maintained, upgraded, and installed mobile and fixed site conduct of fire trainers (COFT), Simnet, AFIST, ABFIST, etc. Nearing the end of the contract, I saw the writing on the wall and bailed from FSR work and got a job at Boeing. I now work as an Assembly Mechanic, Welded Duct B, in the Fabrication Division of Boeing. I build assemblies that are used in the environmental systems on commercial aircraft such as the 737, 747, 767, and 777. I've been with Boeing for four years now, and do miss the freedom of my former computer/electronics field service representative job. I'd dump Boeing in a heartbeat if I could land another FSR job with suitable pay and benefits...
I am very active on all of the amateur bands/modes. Amateur radio is a way of life for me. I cannot imagine being without it. Things would be so boring. I dabble in EMCOMM (ARES and USAF MARS). I do lots of CW, AM with vintage radios that glow in the dark, and the digital modes. I can often be heard around 3870 khz on AM, or on the bottom of 80m, 40m, 30m, or 20m running CW at home or while mobile (yes - I do mobile CW while in motion)- Gary E. Kohtala - K7EK / AFF0WA / AFA0IU / AFE0DM Personal Web Page: -

Bill Putney - WB6RFW QTH: Port Townsend, WA. 33E20, SP5, Ft. Ord Basic Dec. '65, Ft Devens school Feb '66, SRU-11/83rd RRSOU Bankok Thailand Nov '66, Vint Hill Farms May '68, Two Rock Ranch May '69, Out Sep '69. Amateur Extra (lite - 5WPM). Most of my time is spent building stuff and some rag chewing on HF (mostly 40M, 20M, 15M SSB). Chief Engineer at KPTZ (Community 2.2KW NCE), Private Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic (IA), Owner of a 1951 Ryan Navion.

KB4VW Bob van Hoose Pensacola, FL. I served in the ASA 62-65. Trained at Ft. Devens as a 982/98C and the was assigned to the 182nd ASA Co. (A) at Herzo Base, Germany. After 15 months in the birdcage, I requested to be assigned to B Co. 318th ASA Bn so I could be part of the new maneuver support unit that supported the 3rd Inf. Div. When things were slow in the birdcage I would sit in an empty 058 seat and listen to code. Thats how I got interested amateur radio. I got my novice license in 75 as WN4MLY, 6 months later got my general as WB4MLY. Upgraded to Advanced while working in Frankfurt (tested in Kaiserslautern) in 79. Held DA1AQ while working 2 tours for the Army Continuing Education System in Germany. Retired with 37 years of Federal service, the last 15 years with the Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

Hi de K3BSY 100% CW. trained at ft. Devens 12/1968 to 5/1969. AOG becuz licensed in 1957 w/ham background. Remember Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA? Active at Phu Bai 8th rrfs from June '69 to June 1970. 05H at foo buy and MARS operator for awhile too. Kagnew station, Asmara from sept. 1970 to Jan. 1972. I was the cw operator on the ET3ZU/A Jabal-at-Tair new country dxpedition sept 1971. Hi to Mr. Brogdon. 73 asaers! Barb Seibert -

WB6KOG, David Larrew - Ft Devens 62/63 12th ASAFS Japan '64, 177th ASAFS Korea '63 I haven't been on the air for years now. My transmitter was stolen in the 80's and that was about it. I have been looking for a transmitter that I can afford, renew my license and get back in there. Where I live now has a great reception on long wave reception, I live at 5000 ft elevation and have to the east a 8300 ft mountain and get great ground splatter on the 40 and 60 meter scale. I never stopped listening and keeping up. I was a 058, a really good 058...well I guess all of us were, weren't we! Anyone living near Tehachapi, CA drop me a email.

NG8P Howard Hunt Cincinnati (Colerain TWP) OH (former KB8ALM since 1987)
Originally from Louisville, KY, ASA 1966-1970 now CW4 AUS (Ret)
1966-1967 Basic Ft. Jackson & General Crypto Repair 31K20 Ft. Monmouth, NJ, PFC
1967-1969 14th USASAFS Hakata Japan, W/ trips to Taiwan and Okinawa 31S30 & 32D20, SP5 miss the R-390's
1969-1970 175th RR Co Bien-Hoa RVN (Now VA Disabled Agent Orange) SP/5
1970-2006 Inactive/Active/Retired USAR 168th SPT Gp, 259th MI Co (Div), B Co 314th MI Bn, 1404 Log Cmd, SP/5-SSG 31U40 to finally CW4 971A-351B CI Type
2006 CW4 AUS (Ret), the army gave me credit for 40 years, 2 months and 9 days of combined service Mainly active in local S&R / Emergency Comm activity, ARES, RACES, ARPSC, CAP, WARN & others, mostly local on 2M & 440, govt frequencies on HF ~5 MHz Head of local digital scanner and monitor team , just got a D-STAR radio.

Bob DiLibero, K1UQM; Brookline, MA - Got my novice in 1962, and upgraded to general within the year. Joined ASA in 1967, and was trained as a traffic analyst. The 058's were also amazed when I put on their cans, and could copy code! Served breifly in Bad Aibling, then off to the 372nd in Cu Chi from 7.68-7/69. Then to Two Rock Ranch until my discharge in 12/70. I let my ticket lapse, and was inactive for about 40 years. Got my tech and then general back 1, 2005, and recently upgraded to Extra. I'm on HF on weekends, mostly SSB and looking for some DX.

WD5DNA----Wilton Mason -Springhill Louisiana, Basic Training at Ft.Chaffee, Ark. Advanced Training Ft.Devens,Mass. then was stationed at Chitose '59-61 Rec. & Dispatch Clerk at the Chitose
Main Post Office. Got my ticket in 1976, went a long time before I got my Extra Class ticket. Work mostly AM on 10 meters running 10 watts with a Yaesue FT 101 and a Moonraker up 55' and 5 Watts on a HR 2510 Mobile Unit. Man, those were the days. Really great condition from '78 to '82. When band conditons eroded I started working SSB and started working for some of the awards such a W.A.C., W.A.S., R.C.C., W.A.S.AM., W.A.Z., 10-10 W.A.S. AM.,10-10 W.A.C. #159.,10-10 W.A.S. # 640.,100 Nations Cert. # 544., P-100-0blast., S.P.A.M. # 1045., AM Int. # 115 and 10X International Net Inc. 28499. Worked DXCC have 279 countries, but have not been on the air in some time,but still have my equipment: Kenwood TS 450-S,Homebrew 1 KW Amp (with 17 meters)., 3 KW Tuner(MFJ),Johnson Viking II,Hallicrafter SX111, HR 2510, Icom 2100 & HTX 202 (2 Meters) MFJ Eagle DX 6 Vertical and a Tri-band beam (Cushcraft) when conditions really get good again, I may get on and try to work some of the new countries. Made one ASA Reunion 2006 at Branson, Missouri. Still talk to a friend of mine Ken Chance of Pineville, Louisiana who was stationed at Chitose during same time period. Have looked for some of the others but no luck. Hope some of them see this and send me a card. 73's C.U.L.

Watt P. Gee - N5NF Austin, Texas, USA -

WB9ZAG : Dave Bergman - QTH Mason City Illinois. I have been a ham since Oct 1976. Took basic @ Ole Lost in the Woods and then to Devens for 058 training. But not being able to type to fast could not get by 18 wpm,. Thankfully(yes there is a GOD, I was diverted to 056 school and off to the 51st soc 3rd ops company Sobe Okinawa. Was converted to 054 when the Agency combinde the 057 and the 056's. Back to Devens as an instructor until June '65 and seperation. Can also be reached at

Marcus Sowl N0QU -

H. Clyde Willis my call sign is KE5UQD. I was in the ASA from 1966 to 1970. My duty stations were: Ft. Jackson S.C. Basic training. Ft. Devens MA. "ditty city", O5G20 school, and the much dreaded T.T.C. Vietnam, 509th RRG 101st Company 3rd platoon. Ft. Carson CO. 352nd ASA Co. Denham Springs La. -

John McCarthy - K4OP - See -

AE5AW, William R. Tarn now in San Angelo Texas was a WB6OFG/WN6OFG. Now Extra Class with a new QTH and new call. Note new E-mail as well. Still all ASA info is current. That is: 31E20 4Years ASA. One year at Chu Lai RVN. and one other overseas tour in Germany. Ended with E-5 and a wonderfull job working for Howard Hughes in Culver City California. Now Retired in San Angelo, TX and enjoy Ham Radio 24-7. Phone Number is 325-949-0380. and contact information is 6875 Callison Road San Angelo, TX 76904. This is AE5AW saying 73's and CU -

NS3B Keith Mitchell QTH- Westminster, MD. MOS 26K. 12th USASA FS Chitose 66-68. Hold 2nd Class Radiotelegraph Commercial License and Extra Class License. -

K6OSM-Bob Schaefer- Novice call KN6OSM 1958, 1960 General Class K6OSM, went to Ft. Devens in the fall of 1960, then on to Herzo Base early in 1961 as 058. Got my German call DL5IW and also MARS call AE1IWE. Became Trustee and operator of Herzo MARS station DL4SZ and AE1SZ. Took correspondence course from CIE on GI Bill after getting out in 1963. Retired in 1998 as senior microwave technician with 32 years of service. Currently licensed as U.S. Merchant Marine Radio Officer. Had FCC first phone with radar until FCC relabeled it as General phone certificate. Have Amateur Extra, as well as 2nd telegraph. ARISS Mentor with NASA Space Program. Still do CW of course, I have a Signal Corps MC-88 Mill and Collins receivers, 2 R-388, 2 R-389, 3 R-390, 4 R-390A, 1 R-391 and 3 Hammarlund SP-600, also have a T-368E transmitter with modulator and antenna tuner. I enjoy the earlier Collins gear and have the KWM2-A with other matching pieces. We currently live in McCall, Idaho, but are getting ready to move to Prescott, Arizona. I enjoyed my trips to "Copie" (Copenhagen) on leave from Herzo, also, trips down to Barcelona are something that I will never forget. Probably will never forget the Strawberry wine either! 73 Bob Schaefer K6OSM since 1960 - McCall, Idaho

Robert E Erdmann Call Sign: W7TQJ - Class: Amateur Extra - Web Site: - E-Mail: ASA MOS: 058.3
Call Signs Held: KN9TQJ (Novice) issued 1959
K9TQJ (General) issued 1960
KR6DD (Okinawa) issued 1962
W9JVM (Additional Station License - Purdue University) issued 1966
W5RDX (Dallas, TX) issued 1969
W0NGA (Colorado Springs, CO) issued 1970 - Expired 1984
KE7KKX ( General - Prescott, AZ)
K7TQJ (Amateur Extra + Vanity Call) issued 2007
W7TQJ (Changed Vanity Call) issued 2008

K4ZZM - Ken Medlin - Ft Devens, Basic Morse Code 1966-67, 101th RRC, 3rd platoon Vietnam 1967-68, then a short stay at Ft Mead, MD, Ft Bragg, NC and Two Rock Ranch Station, CA. Now live in Willow Spring NC. Email

KJ4ETQ - Elymas Yates Ward, ASA - O5K Augsburg 73-74 DET. N Eckstein Germany 74-75 -

K4NGC - 1953 to 1956 at HQ, USASA at Arlington Hall Station, Va. A civilian at HQ, USASA, USAMARDA, and DCSPER Pent from 1957 to 1998 and then retired. -

N7YGE Was in ASA from 1967 to 1971. Mainly stationed at Helemano, Hawaii with constent TDY to Vietnam, Okinawa, Korea, and Japan. Was on the Theater Technical Support Team Inside Unit TTST_IU. - See for N7YGE - Jerry -

Gary Smith - KA2MYP -

KI5M - Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood June 29th 1972, Ft. Devens until August 1973 (33C MOS) then Mt. Meissner, Forward Ops BN, Germany until the end of April 1976. Retired from US Army in 1994, at Fort Hood, TX. ((73)) -

Ron Biron WB6OKG - QTH Colorado Springs, CO. Served in the PI from 1960-1963. Off hours I was a disk jockey on AFRTS, AKA Ronnie B., and also did a gig on DZMB for the Minila Broadcasting Co., After living in San Francisco for 33years, a divorce changed that, and I'm now comfortably ensconced in the Rockies. As I write this I'm looking at Pikes Peak, and The Garden of The Gods, an incredible location for hamming, even from the attic, as we're on a plateauI at 6,400'. I've just returned to Amateur radio after a 25 year hiatus, as we lived in condo's and apartments in Cali, but HOA's make it difficult to ham. As I now reside on the top floor, I have access to a 23' high attic, so I've hung a G5RVjr, albeit circuitously, and thinking about picking up an ISO-Loop for 80 meters, as the designer and builder lives close to my QTH. The rig is an Elecraft K2/100, but love running it QRP. I just added a AF1 audio LP/BP filter, which is too new to make a judgement call on yet. I check into the Old Miss and Triple H nets most day's, so if you hear me, please give us a shout. Since my divorce many strange things have occurred, however the flukiest just happened a couple weeks ago, as my new next store neighbor, a shapely little lass who is in the process of getting her divorce, and one night over diner told me she served as an 058 morse intercept Op in Northern Japan. late 80's. Truth is really stranger then fiction:))) 73's Ron -

K8ZM was with the 9th USASA at Clark AB in the early 60's. Was transferred to 3RD RRU DET 1 in PhuBai, Vietnam, in July of 62, and left in March 64. Knew a ton of 058/056's, but only in contact with a few, none of which are Hams. E-mail:

K0HDC - Ray J Carstensen - 357 SW 21 Rd - Warrensburg, MO 64093 - 660-747-6885 - Spent most of my time on the Rock or Fort Devens back in the late 50's

AB9MT - Barry Edstene working 6 through 160 meters from New Castle IN. I was assigned to the 79 ASA and was lucky to be in Shemya AL at a AFJOG White Alice Station in the early 60s. I work a number of nets and am not into contesting but do enjoy a good rag chew. -

WB5OOD - Joseph (Jay) Aldridge Woodbridge, VA - Amateur Extra Class HF, VHF - Rotatable 160M Pancake Antenna (See on and read bio) Seminole Station, Field Station Homestead, FL
1964-1967 (Spanish Linguist, Intercept/Transcription Trick Chief) Field Station Berlin, 1967-1968 (German Linguist, Transcription Ch, Orange, Trick, Intercept Trick Ch, (German) White Section -

N6SSX Ed Aldridge QTH is Las Vegas, NV . Ham since 1957 (?). First call was WA2PTL (mostly 6 M.) CW 40-10M. Extra Class, VE. Have recently started PSK31 copying only at present, have ALICO DX-SR8 transceiver, HLA 300 Plus amp,SX200 Wattmeter, MFJ 384 Ant Tuner, into coax switch feeding either end fed wire or CHA-250 Vertical Ant. The vertical is currently being moved and raised with cement base. Will be up total of 46FT. using MFJ paddles or straight key as mode strikes me. Usual routing Camp Gordon, (50) Carlisle Barracks, then to Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma CA, then to 51st Sig Svc Det. Ft Lewis WA. Sent to Same Detached to HQ, ASA PAC- Then to Chitosie< Hokkaido JA, Back to Oji then to SIG OCS FT Monmouth NJ. (52) Then Flight School end ASA Involvement. Email address: . Glad to hear form any one in same place at same time

AK4SZ - W. Larry Hawkins - Memphis, TN -

K4OCO, Tony McClure. Live in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee near Gatlinburg. Served with 319th USASA Bn in Germany 1959-1962. Hq was Rothweston. MOS 993. Call sign there was DL5KE -

Ken Medlin- W4FXE-Ft Jackson, SC in 1966 then straight to Ft Devens and Basic Morse Code school to 05G20 school then to Vietnam in 1967 to 1968. Licensed in 1967 as WB4FXE. Other duty stations included Ft Meade, MD, Two Rock Ranch Station, CA and Ft Bragg, NC. Got out of army in 1970 and went to college on GI Bill and worked for several companies as salesman and sales manager. Retired now and still active on the ham bands and living in NC. I am good on so if you remember me or think you do look me up.

WA6BTK Stu Clark. QTH Lincoln, California. Stationed at Shemya Island with the 79th ASA Special Operations Unit 1963-64. Was an 058 ditty-bopper. Operated KL7EFN (Army shack) and KL7FBI (Air Force shack). Only ham on Shemya during the 1964 Alaskan earthquake; on the air three days passing traffic. After Shemya, stationed at Vint Hill Farms Station at Warrenton, Virginia. Operated K4WAG 1964-65. After the service, worked in broadcast journalism for eight years, and then became a teacher. Taught for 28 years. Now retired. Occasionally, do roadtrips with an Airstream trailer. Spend my time substitute teaching, wilderness photography, RV travel, and writing. -

W4WJ - Don Murray - Fredericksburg, TX...Licensed in MAR '59 as KN4FMA, upgraded to K4FMA in December...AUG 1964, EW (283) school at Ft. Monmouth... Operated K2USA in my spare time... Beautiful setup with lots of Telrex monobanders on tall telephone poles!! JUL 65, Kagnew Station... After much waiting was assigned ET3FMA in APR of '66... Was fortunate to have a 100 foot tower, at my work site, to hang beams and dipoles from... A 90 foot cherry picker helped with installation chores... The shack was equipped with: SB-301 SB-401 Drake 2B Collins R388 and a W9TO keyer... (no amplifier !! ... just 100 watts)... Did contests from both ET3USA and ET3/9E3/9F3 FMA, CW and SSB. Won WORLD HIGH Single-Op WPX SSB in 1967 with my call. Did my separation Jun '68 at Kagnew, arriving back in the states in mid-JUL...Late JUL '68 I started my Miami Television Engineering career at WCIX-TV CH 6... In OCT '72 I moved into the big leagues by joining the engineering staff at WTVJ CH 4, Florida's First Television station... I retired from WTVJ (which had become an NBC O&O during my tenure) in JUN '68. During the first vanity callsign program in 1976, I was assigned W4WJ. Now hanging out in the Texas Hill Country... Antennas still to be installed! 73 de Don, W4WJ

Bob Erdmann - QTH - Prescott, AZ. Retired Electrical Engineer - BSEE Purdue University. KR6DD - MOS 058.3, 3rd USASA Special Operations Company, Torii Station, Okinawa, 1962 to 1964. First Licensed as KN9TQJ in 1959 (Novice Class), and K9TQJ (General Class) later that year. Then W9JVM additional station license at Purdue University. W5RDX in Dallas, TX, and W0NGA in Colorado Springs, CO. Now Extra Class W7TQJ. Mail to:, web site at

Tony McClure - Current QTHs Somerville, Tennessee and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Served in Rothweston, Mt. Meissner. St Andreasburg and Lubeck - 319th USASA Bn 1959-1962. MOS 993. Held call signs WA4DQG and DL5KE. For past many years, producer/director of Bill Dance Outdoors, the nation's oldest and highest rated fishing TV show. -

Steven Weinstein - QTH: Saratoga Springs, NY. Licensed in 1964 while in High School. Entered the ranks of the ASA in July 1967. Spent 5 months on KP at the famous CON 4 mess hall waiting for my security clearance.. Went thru the morse intercept school (O5H) in 5 weeks. Used to operate K1KBO at FT.Devens.. Promoted to SP/4 and sent to the 509th in Feb 1968, later assigned to the 330th Radio Research Co on engineer Hill in Pleiku. Spent most of my tour with project Mustard. Returned to the US and Vint Hill Farms, VA in Feb 1968.. Asked to go back to Vietnam for Avaition (ARDF) and finally got approved in Feb 1970. Sent to the 138th Avn Co (RR) at DaNang. Flew in both RU-8D's and RU-21's. managed a 5 month early out in Feb 1971 and returned to civilian life.. Have been active on the bands since then, making #1 DXCC Honor Roll.. I was honorder to be the first amarican to operate from Saigon in 1998 as 3W6WE. Made over 6000 QSO's. I returned in 1999 and added another 3,000 QSO's to the log. MY code speed is still around 45-50 WPM.. Retired now after almost 30 years in the Burglar Alarm Business.. If any other ham's want to operate from Vietnam, just drop me an e-mail and I'll explain how.. So.. Looking forward to hearing you guys on the bands.. 73 Steve/K2WE -

K2MGL - Charles (Chuck) K. Roswell. Was stationed at Comm Div, HQUSASAE. Dachsbau bldg near the IG Farben Bldg. Lived at Gutleut Kassern until marriage and then in an apartment on the "economy." My title was Fixed Station Facilities Controller. (MOS273) Several years after active duty served as a missionary with Trans World Radio on Bonaire (PJ4CR) and then in Monaco (3A2MJ) and then Vienna. Now in Madison, GA with Source of Light Ministries Intl. My first license was in 1954 as KN2MGL. My bio is at Best regards, "Chuck" -

Dick Ratcliffe - W3RBR Ex W3UPB, ex WN8FLT, ex KA9RR - Richard (Dick) Ratcliffe Chief Operator MARS Station KA9MF/AB1MF from 1967 to 1969. Enlisted in Detroit MI in 1966, Basic in Ft. Leonard Wood Mo, and on to USASATC&S Ft Devens MA. Got my O5K20 MOS in 1967 and went to Kuma Station Chitose Japan. They asked for Ham Radio Operators while I was working in Operations. Never did listen to my Dad who said "don't volunteer for anything". They stuck me in the MARS Station. Best job I ever fell into. Went back to Ft Devens as an instructor in "E" Division. When they found out I worked at the MARS Station I was asked to take over the administrative Section for the Division and got the E-5 they promised me shortly thereafter. Left ASA in 1970 to work for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington DC. -

Mike, K1LJN - Was at ASA PAC in Tokyo 1951/2. Shack was first issued J2WW by 'chief sig off' Changed to JA2WW then to KA2WW. Home brew ssb xmitter, various rcvrs as available. Had a Gordon beam, 3 el 20, 4 el 10, at about 25 ft and a long, long wire. Worked San Fran, CA most days. Was assigned to radio maint shop.

Clarence W. "Bill" Nolte Jr.
here, I got my novice ticket in mid-1964 while still a Junior in high school at age 18, turned 19 late that year, and because I was still not doing well in Junior English and taking Senior English at the same time (with equally dismal lack of success) I decided to drop out and join the Army.
The recruiter gave me a silly little screening test that included a lot of obscure tools in one column, and 4 objects to match them with in the other column and I got them all correct, including the one he said no one ever got right, the alcohol torch and the roll of solder! He said someone who could get 100 on that test was perfect for a program the Army had called ASA but he was not sure what it was exactly but he knew it had something to do with radio and it was not a combat type assignment. I accepted the offer and found myself at the main recruiting center in Dallas the next day, and that evening I was on an Ozark Airlines DC-3 no less, headed for Ft. "Lost in the Woods". After 3 attempts and 2 bouts of pneumonia I finally got out of basic and on to Devins, where I found my final Top Secret waiting for me! ( I had to explain how it was granted so fast, it was due to my father being a former Hurricane Hunter in the Air Force Weather Service and
being cleared himself because they were involved in the aerial search for evidence of the Russian atomic bomb tests in 1949, so the clearance interviews were already done and still on file at the FBI or whatever...) I started training for 058 ( the MOS changes had not been made yet ), and figured out right away being a "mill monkey" was not for me so I inserted an extra group: NOLTE, every 10 or 12 groups in my 18 wpm test to make the code test graders fail it and it worked! -- 059 here I come. I was top of my class so went on the the advanced 059 course (NMSD, 'nuff said) and found myself competing with seasoned Navy and Air Force NCO's but still came out with a good rating even at that, no brag, just fact. There was one humorous episode in that course, the Army, being only E-2's and 3's, had to clean the coffee mess and I did not drink coffee so I did not know you leave the oils in the bottom of the urn, the coffee was undrinkable for 2 days and I was never ordered to clean it again!
They put up a bulletin for applicants to go to helicopter school but when I applied they said forget it, I was already trained for ASA and when classes ended they sent me to Japan, 14th USASAFS. I had been hiking out to Devins Army Air Field to take civilian type flying lessons at my expense through the Aero Club out there and had soloed, when I heard they had an Aero Club on Hakata I was thrilled, then when I got there in January 1966 I found out it had been closed the month before by the new Commanding General, US Forces Japan so I was crushed, wound up taking some leave the following Summer (August 1967) and got a standby hop to Okinawa to join the Kadena AFB Aero Club and put in a few hours of dual in their Cessna 150.
In about March of 1966 I was settled into the routine of the NMSD section and out of the blue some slots and Spc 4 stripes appeared, to celebrate I decided it was time to try upgrading my Novice ticket (WN5KEV), which had expired by then so I asked around and there were no hams available to administer a volunteer test. There was a manual morse position at Ops and ham regs said a government manual morse operations supervisor could do the code test so I asked the 05D (they had changed the MOS titles by then) supervisor if he could do the honors and he agreed, I passed the 12 wpm test easily thanks to Devins, and got my Conditional call, WA5QQK. I then discovered that there was indeed a ham there, one Bob DeCesar, WB2KNS and he was interested in forming a radio club so we could set up a station under the Auxiliary Military Radio provisions of the US Forces Japan agreement (NOT to be confused with MARS), but we needed a 3rd ham to qualify and we finally
got one when Harv Wallerstein (from 7 land I think, I forgot his call) showed up. We ordered a "Trash Kit" (sorry Heathkit but that was what some called it) HW-20 and scouted out a Quonset hut the Major in charge of S-2 was using to store his sailboat and he agreed to let us use the front 5 foot foyer for a ham shack, we erected an inverted Vee for 20 meters, wrote some by-laws for our little "club" and applied to the Powers That Be for a call, got assigned KA7CW and a good time (and quite a few phone patches home for the guys on the base) was had by all! I left in December 1967 and let Harv keep the "hot water 20", and on the way home bumped into a ham at Tachikawa who just happened to be the air travel manager at the base and he knew I had a 12 hour layover, had heard I was asking about the MARS station and invited me to his place for lunch! He even arranged for me to tour a new factory where a Japanese startup firm called Yaesu Musen was building a new 80-10 meter transceiver called the FT-DX150. One look at that radio and I bought one from them on the spot, arranged for it to be documented for delivery to me at my parents in the States to avoid Customs problems, then we went back to Tachikawa for my flight home.
Speaking of home, someone in HQ Personnel must have been chewed out when a Texas boy like me got assigned to Fort Hood! When the message came into the Comm center they came boiling out and showed it to me before they had even stamped it, then took it back for delivery. We figured the boys in the vault were joshin' me because when we looked up the 202nd ASA Company we did not find it, then a new TO&E came in and there it was, at Ft. Hood as advertised! My adventures at the 202nd in early 1968 and later that year at the 373rd in Armorville are a whole other book! I got out 11/68, I am now KB5KB and I live in Austin, TX

WA5IEX-Roland Richter, Woodway, Texas..been a ham since 1963, General Class 1964, Fiist Class Radio Telephone 1965,now Extra Class since 1988. Operate almost all cw, chase dx, enjoy contests, using simple antennas ( playing with ground planes/elevated radials now) and using inexpensive old gear. Rigs now are FT-757GX, IC-720, DX-60, DX-40, Eico 723 and receivers Drake 2B ( far and away favorite!) SX-111, HQ-170 and BC-342 for 160 meters. I sometimes use the receive section of an FT-101E with 200hz Fox Tango filter...not a collecter, just use the stuff I can afford and fix up! ASA time was at Kagnew Station in the AFRTS station with almost as much time on the air at ET3USA as on the 1475 kHz broadcast station. Helped maintain the transmitters and antennas including the old AM standby transmitter in the PA&E building.Along with KP4CKX and WA5TKC made a short dx-pedition to Dhalak Island as 9F3USA/P1 in 1973. Was part of the bunch that moved the ET3USA club station from the Tract A service club out to a little hut outside Stonehouse with the TA-33 up on top of the 210 ft boresite tower and dipoles hung way up between the guy wires. Did not get to use it much after it was all put up in December 1973 and PCS-ed just before Christmas. There are some real stories about how the beam got up there!!! Have worked in broadcasting my full life beginning at age 15 except for some Army time, mostly radio and now tv, engineering and on-air. Still moonlight in radio engineering mostly on AM directional antennas and tube transmitters (folks are forgetting how to do that stuff!!) Operate daily on 20/30 meter cw..usually 2200-0200 Zulu, weekends 1000-1300 Zulu -

K2CIB Joined for the ASA in late 1958 after being a ham for 6 years. After basic at Fort Dix, I went to Fort Devens for (Ive never figured that one out). There, they tested me for my Morse code ability by giving me a pseudo code to learn. Well, that didnt work at all, since I was already proficient in the real Morse code at 20-25 wpm. So, no 058 for me. I had joined for electronics school anyway and that was what it was to be. After a few weeks I was assigned back to Fort Monmouth for 345.1 and was ready for an assignment by August 1959. I went back to Fort Dix to ship to Europe, but all my buddies shipped out by water before me. After a few weeks of guard duty and picking up butts, I finally figured out that the Army had forgotten about me, so my anger got the best of me and I laid into a fresh 2nd lieutenant in personnel could have lost my one stripe for that one! But, I was on my way by air to Frankfurt the next day!
In Frankfurt there was no assignment for me, so I was told to wax the I.G. Farben building floors every morning, which I did. But, every afternoon I ended up in the MARS station handling traffic and working DX. When, a few weeks later I was asked if I wanted an assignment in England, I replied, Yes!, and had to tell the MARS folks that I would not be staying on as MARS officer as they would have liked me to do. Well, England was great, but there was no reciprocal licensing agreement at that time, and no transmissions were allowed on base anyway. Even the one radio operator on base could only test his transmitter once a month for no more than one hour! So, I had to forget about ham radio until I returned to CONUS in mid-1961. I brought back with me my English bride, we settled down in a small apartment and it was several more years before I could return to ham radio. You can read more about my ham radio pursuits on John Samuels K2CIB - West Palm Beach, FL -

K1RC, John Marchand, Dracut, MA. Licensed as K1CGJ, in 1960. Was 05H from 1965-1969. Duty stns were: USASAFS Homestead AFB, FL, 1966, 409th RRD 11th Armd Cav Regt, 1966-67 Ft. Meade Md./RVN. 335 RR Co. 9th Inf. Div. 1967, RVN. USASAFS Sobe, Okinawa, 1967-69. Work mostly 80-6m CW, but do alot some SSB and Digital modes. My son Jon now has my old callsign and works HF/6M digital modes. If you hear either of us on, give us a call and say HI. 73, John K1RC.

WD8M Jeff Paul - QTH Saginaw Joined the ASA in 70 and basic training at Fort Leonard Wood (little Korea). AIT at Fort Devens as a 98C20. Went to Nam from there to the 335th RR in Can Tho. After that ended up in Korea with the 332nd at Camp Humphreys. Spent a lot of time in An-Jeorn Ri clubing:-) Been a ham since 86 and spend most on air time chasing DX on cw and SSB. Looking for my buddy Steve Holley from Alabama. Met him at Fort Devens and one day he showed up in Can Tho. The rest is history. -

Bud Peck KI4WMS Currently living in Waxhaw NC - Code school at Fort Devens spring of 1951 short assignment at Vint Hill Farms, Arlington Hall Station and then to Two Rock Ranch in Petaluma fall of 1951. My brother was reported MIA 1 week after I was in basic training at Fort Dix, NJ January and February (if the world ever needs an enema, that is where they will start) I was pulled from orders for Korea. While we were on a recent tour of Ireland, we met Tim Green (1958) The first ASA person that I have met since leaving the Army in February 1954 We spent the dinner meal telling "War Stories" After discharge I made a promise to myself that I would never copy another Dit or Dah I broke that promise, I became a Novice, KA2RFN to work with Civil Defense, foolishly I let my call expire. In 1999 I started over (no code) Currently I only work 2m 440 mostly for the benefit of the local ARC. Would really enjoy hearing from someone from Two Rock - 73 -

W5CPT Clint Talmadge 33F Ft Devens 1966 for 33B & 33C school Sinope, Fort Devens, Okinawa, Fort Devens, Okinawa, Fort Devens, Sinope & Fort Devens. Became a Ham, N1KGW while working for Sanders in Nashua NH in 1991, upgraded to Advanced, KD1OL and then got W5CPT under the Vanity Call Sign system while in Dallas Texas. Kept the call when I moved back home to Kentucky. My CW is not up to the 05H standard, but I married an 05H and she helps me out from time to time. Clint Talmadge W5CPT -

Robert "Bob" Lunsford Salyersville KY 41465-0606 - Joined Army to go to Language school. Maxed code test in basic so guess what? They sent me to Devens for Morse Intercept school. They said that because I was fluent in Portuguese, it would waste my time and theirs to send me to language school. Ha! Anyway, in three months was working 28WPM at Devens, was AOG (Ahead Of the Game) so spent half my time at the library. One day, I met a Spanish-speaking classmate in hallway with 201-file and he told me he was being transferred because of Cuban Missile Crisis. Went to Personnel and requested Spanish test. They knew I spoke Portuguese but I skipped Spanish test in basic... Took the test on Wednesday, was pulled out of class on Friday and sent to Ft. Meade for about one year. Then was sent to 6th Field Station/326 ASA at Homestead AFB for rest of time in Army, almost two years. Tried to volunteer for glider drop duty in Vietnam but they refused. Said they needed me more at HAFBthat made me feel real good... Was in ASA from May '62 to May '65. More info can be found on the website: - Amateur Station KK5R - email is

Michael A. Windham - Thanks for the enjoyable web site and memories. I entered the Army in September of 1963. Finished basic at Ft. Jackson, S.C. and arrived at Ft. Devens in time for the first snow of the year with a friend from the same town, Newton, Alabama. Upon finishing 058 school I went to Ft. Clayton, Panama, Chiva Chiva. After some 18 mo. there, I requested transfer to Vietnam, the Republic of. Two weeks later I was gone. Ultimately to arrive in Phu Bai. With the exception of a month TDY to Pleiku, that's where I spent my tour. My last year was at Homestead AFB. Got my novice, technician, general beginning late 1980's. Have had some long inactive periods. Recently got interested in QRP CW. Enjoying this very much. As for my buddy, Edward Willis, he left Devens in teletype and I believe went to Formosa or some place near there. We lost touch. When we got out of the service I have only seen him a half dozen times, though we live some three blocks apart. Some of you may remember him. I heard he was called "the elephant man". Funny guy. Hate we drifted apart. Good luck to all of you guys and yor families, may God Bless you all. - - Newton, Alabama

Donald Stockdale - 33Z4r I was KZ5DL (W4PFR) at ASA Carib, Fort Kobbe CZ, 1957-1960, maintenance head under Col ( Capt.) Frank Burdick (KZ5FB), back then we were kept busy running phone patches for the troops. Those were shaky times with all the Panama problems along with the Chili earthquake, the AF base Mars station was the relay for the aid flights out of S.C. to Chili. We took turns operating the station round the clock, those were the good old days in the ASA. While at USASA MSC AED (SPU) helped rework the PRD-1 antenna for improved performance. TNX 73's -

Bill Putney - WB6RFW QTH: Port Townsend, WA. 33E20, SP5, Ft. Ord Basic Dec. '65, Ft Devens school Feb '66, SRU-11/83rd RRSOU Bankok Thailand Nov '66, Vint Hill Farms May '68, Two Rock Ranch May '69, Out Sep '69. Amateur Extra (lite - 5WPM). Most of my time is spent building stuff and some rag chewing on HF (mostly 40M, 20M, 15M SSB). Chief Engineer at KPTZ (Community 2.2KW NCE), Private Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic (IA), Owner of a 1951 Ryan Navion. -

KB4VW Bob van Hoose Pensacola, FL. I served in the ASA 62-65. Trained at Ft. Devens as a 982/98C and the was assigned to the 182nd ASA Co. (A) at Herzo Base, Germany. After 15 months in the birdcage, I requested to be assigned to B Co. 318th ASA Bn so I could be part of the new maneuver support unit that supported the 3rd Inf. Div. When things were slow in the birdcage I would sit in an empty 058 seat and listen to code. Thats how I got interested amateur radio. I got my novice license in 75 as WN4MLY, 6 months later got my general as WB4MLY. Upgraded to Advanced while working in Frankfurt (tested in Kaiserslautern) in 79. Held DA1AQ while working 2 tours for the Army Continuing Education System in Germany. Retired with 37 years of Federal service, the last 15 years with the Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES).

K3BSY 100% CW. trained at ft. Devens 12/1968 to 5/1969. AOG becuz licensed in 1957 w/ham background. Remember Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, CA? Active at Phu Bai 8th rrfs from June '69 to June 1970. 05H at foo buy and MARS operator for awhile too. Kagnew station, Asmara from sept. 1970 to Jan. 1972. I was the cw operator on the ET3ZU/A Jabal-at-Tair new country dxpedition sept 1971. Hi to Mr. Brogdon. 73 asaers! - - John D. Seibert

W4QNW -- Sherwin Tames retired and living in SunCity, Blufton, SC. My military service began in '58 at Ft. Dix, was randomly picked to apply for clearance at Ft. Monmouth and was assigned to classes at Evans Sig Labs in NJ. Did a short TDY to Devins, Meade, into the hills of VA and sent off to 12 weeks in KH6. Courtesy of the Seals, did short duty visits in South Pacific Atolls and went from KH6 direct to Zweibrucken Germany in the (SRU) Signal Research Unit 892. First day in reception, went for a quick german beer and caught the eye of a fraulein. Her father put a quick stop to any further meetings by writing directly to the COMMANDING OFFICER SHAPE. Hey she was 18 !! and he thought he would lose her. isited Asmara, and Iranian outpost on Blacksea. Returned back in 61 interested in hamming...didn't know jack about electronics from the inside,,passed the novice as WN2QNW THEN TECH WV2QNW and after 8 tries at 13wpm passed the general as WA2QNW. Somehow passed the advanced and moved the qths from Queens, NY to Ft. Lee and finally in Old Bridge in NJ. Starting rigs were SB 101, SB220 wires on the family house roof, later a 2 el 20m beam designed for me by K2PV (sk). Moved to Old Bridge, NJ, 72' Motorized Triex with 205BA (CA) and Force 12 10-15-17 beam on top. 42 years later, in '99 received email from you guessed it... my frankfurt fraulein...perfect timing for both of us... did a "blind date" in Frankfurt and after some personal family cleanup... my friend came to live here...WE ARE MARRIED 8 YEARS. enjoy contesting and traveling,,,,operating from over 30 countries thanks to on-air contacts and eyeballs thru Skype. my page is my bragging page with some recent pictures. Despite a lot negative attitudes, began the SunCity ARC which after five years granted us a CC&R waiver and we are allowed to have vertical antennas attached to the house or hidden wires. My station FT1000MKV, SWAN MK1 to CAROLINA WINDOWM AT 65+' in the pines. if you're in the area,,,give a shout... now W4QNW licensed in Queens, NY in 1961 as WV2QNW, WA2QNW moved to NJ in '71 upgraded and eventually retiring in Sun City, SC as W4QNW. ( Entered service in '58 trained at Ft.Dix, Ft.Monmouth, Evans Sig Lab, Devens, VA, then began TDY tour in SouthPacific, No.Japan, Sinop, Asmara and landing in Zweibrucken, Germany. First day in Frankfurt reception, said "halo" to a young lady and we couldn't speak a common language. Went our own way and 42 years later she found me...we are now married 8 years. SunCity is a senior community with strict CC&R rules which were "bent" to allow hams to erect hidden wires or verticals to the rear of their homes not to exceed the roof line. If you're in the area or thinking about a ham-friendly place to call'mon down! equipment from NJ station FT1000MkV, Swan-Mk1 amp, CarolinaWindom @65' in the pine trees. No time for much ragchewing so spend all the adrenalin contesting. 73 to all -

Scott Orzech, NV5T - USAF Security Service, was a 207X1 (Army 05H) from October 1978 October 1994, Misawa Air Base Japan, Ft Meade Maryland, Goodfellow AFB Texas, Osan Air Base South Korea (SKIVVY NINE!!) Alllll good! I was also in Grenada, getting the kids out, Panama (Just Cause mission, sat at Noriega's desk (after the Army secured it of course) and the first Desert Storm, part of an airborne crew on RC-135 recon birds :) OK, that's it for history I guess :) been a ham since 1976, even spent 6 weeks on the USS Midway doing hear ability tests.....all I can say on that. You know. Yep, I'm -

John Buck - Licensed ham since 1962 with call sign of WB2OGA. Upgraded from novice to General (conditional) while at Kagnew (1963-1965) I was an operator at ET3USA. My MOS was O58(ditty bopper). My wife Vicky was with me on my tour. Kept my WB2OGA call until I moved to Maryland and received my current call of KB3IPM. I operate HF 80 thru 10 meters on SSB & CW and 2 meters on FM. I've included a copy of the QSL card we used and also a picture of my wife (Vicky) and I working at ET3USA -

KL7IXI MIchael Fletcher - QTH - Omaha, NE - A 72B (comm center clacker), and later a Signal Corps Tactical Commo Chief. After a break for college and graduate school I finished up the military career in Air Force public affairs. MARS Op at AA1KBO (Ft. Devens) and AB8AQ (8th RRFS). I'm now a civil service public affairs specialist with the Army Corps of Engineers. I enjoy QRP and burning solder on small projects.

Updated January 12, 2014 - If Your's is missing please let me know - Thanks, Vern


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