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Phu Bai - 8th RRFS - Founded by, and in the memory of Curt Wayne.

ASA-REUNION is intended to be a very LOW traffic volume of email.
It is to be used to broadcast information that is of interest to the SE Asia ASA veteran community, such as reunion news and reporting. Harlan Olson presiding.
Clicking this link will actually take you to a Registration/Authorization page first.

Alabama ASA Vets (but think them just might include an outsider if you are so inclinded)

Primarily concerning the 372nd RRC - Cu Chi Vietnam Group

ASA Veterans who conducted Comm-Intel missions
to determine the extent of any threat to the USofA

Mostly ComSec guys - 05G - Tino "Chui" Banuelos - Ringleader

For the lighter side of things, humor, open mike - (ComSec)

Army Security Agency is a list for all ASA, INSCOM, and NSA personnel

ASA WAC's (name says it all)

ASA Rimbach Vets Hohenbogen or Rimbach - '62-'67 - 318th ASA Bn or successor units

Torri Station Okinawa ASA Vets

Island of Kang wha-do - '58-76

ASA Club for "Mountain Men" - 277th - 226th Op Co. ASA

Det. L and Det. K-2 Co A - 318 USASA Bn, Nottau, Germany

ASA Vets who served at Camp Oji, Japan. ASA Headquarters Pacific

ASA who served in Viet Nam regardless of rank, MOS, date of service or unit

For former members of the Army Security Agency, Texas

ASA Vets who live in or near Houston or SE Texas to make contact or plan events.

This group is for all former Stotsenberg Station -
9th ASAFS, 77th ASASOU and USASACUP survivors.

17th USASA Field Station Rothwesten Germany
319th ASA BN, 184th OPNS CO or any ASA vet stationed at Rothwesten near Kassel Germany.

ASA or MI units. An open forum where anything &d everything is discussed to include politics.
If you are easily offended, then this list is not for you.....

Forconversation, commiserating, and between former Army Security Agency personal and friends once stationed at Lübeck, Rothwesten, and throughout Cold War Germany.

Former and active duty ASA or INSCOM personnel

ASA-MD offers internet communications for ASA vets,& former or current members of INSCOM, AFSS, NSG or other XYZers who live, once lived, or yearn to live in Maryland, USA.

A group whose membership is composed but not limited to former members of the ASA
to promote the civil discussion of subjects of mutual interest both military and civilian.

Army Security Agency Vets - A club for the top ten percent

Trick Two - Taiwan ASA - All those who served at any time in the ASA at the 76th ASA SOU in Taiwan from its beginnings as the 327 in the late 1950s through the end of the 1960s. While this site is particularly closely linked to those who were either on Trick Two or closely associated with the activities of Trick Two in the mid 1960s, all are welcome regardless of whether they were on a trick, a different trick, or down island.

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