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by Larry Armstrong
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I beat the draft and enlisted for 4 years with ASA in july '67. Did basic at Ft. Jackson,SC. Next stop was 'B' company at Ft. Devens and class 25 BMC became an 05h20 and was sent to Nam. started out with the 856th RR Det of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. in oct. '68 I moved to Dong Tam and the 335th RR Co. of the 9th Inf Division. Stayed there til aug. '69 and then moved to Di An when the 9th division went home. jan. '70 I was reassigned to Two Rock Ranch. 6 months of stateside bs was all I could take and i went back to the 335th in Can Tho, RVN. Stayed there until july '71. Decided I wasn't ready to go home yet so I reenlisted (still can't believe I did that) and went to Shu Lin Kou,Air Station, Taipei, Taiwan. closed the station there in july '72 but not before I married one of the locals. I was shipped to Vint Hill Farms to await assignment out of the agency. In Dec. 72 I was sent to Ft. Belvoir, Va. where iI spent the last 16 months of my army career as the clerk in the post reenlistment office.

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