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Hq & Hq Co. 303d RRBn
George Williams
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Friday, July 16, 1999
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George Williams Email:
I was CO of HHC, 303rd in 1967. I believe John Peart sent you some photos that I took when I was CO there. John was in the company and did much of the construction that moved the company out of tents and into buildings. I also went back to 303rd in 69-70 and commanded the remnants of the 335th RRC. By that time only one brigade of the 9th Div was left in country, so the RR Detachmaent was small and no longer considered a RR Co. but was called Det 1, HHC, 303rd. It was later made opcon to 372nd RR Co. when the brigade went opcon to the 25th Div. I then moved to the 372nd and commanded it until I left country for the last time.

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