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Radio Relay Communications Unit , Vietnam (RRCUV)

Organized: 1 June 1966
Cover Designation: 18th Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 509th US Army Security Agency Group
Supported Command: 509th US Army Security Agency Group
Location: Saigon
Cover Redesignation: Radio Research Communations Unit, Vietnam on 2 September 1966
DIscontinued: 31 January 1973
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 3-17
Vietnam Honors: 3 MUCs and 1 RVN CGP

Lineage - RVN: The Radio Relay Communications Unit , Vietnam (RRCUV) was organized under GO (General Order) 48 , HQ USASA, and amended by GO 90, dated 2 Sept 1966

Mission: The mission of the RRCUV was to operate and maintain a Communications Relay Station (CRS) within the Critical Intelligence Communications Net (CRITICOM) and to insure the expiditious receipt, processing, and transmission of all traffic from and to other relay and tributary stations within the CRITICOM net. The unit also served as the traffic control station for all CRITICOM stations in Vietnam.

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