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The ASA Veterans who purchased the spaces below Kept this Website Going Thru My Darkest Hours Without them it wouldnt have been possible I am now in a position to be self supporting This Page will Stand as a Tribute to Their Generosity ASA Does Take Care of its Own The Proof is Here
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In Memory of
PFC Jay Stoner
304th CRBn

KIA July 1953 in Korea
by ChiCom Artillery fire
Sponsored by the:
501st ASA Korea
John Garrah National Sec.:
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Phil Hogle
11/66--F53 Ft. Leonard Wood Mo.
02/67--Ft. Deven's "Year of the great Snow"
06/67--Phu Bai ("Is Allright")
09/67--14th USASAFS, Hakata, Japan
09/68-03/71--1st RRCo Avn. "Crazy Cats"
98C to Supply Guy
Now I do accounting and income tax services Looking for my old time buds..where you at?
I now live in the DFW area.
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Toriim.gif - 17.4 K Ed Murray
Ft. Devens (1960/1961)
Torii Station (1961/1962)
Ft. Hood (1962/1963)
Thanks to the efforts of Maddog, I've renewed acquaintances with a number of our unique fraternity, I'd appreciate hearing from any and all who were men enought to "strap on the cans" and who knew the pain of QRM/QRN and a raging hangover!

Stalling2.jpg - 7.7 K In Memoriam
James D. Stallings
CPT. Army Security Agency
KIA-Sunday Sept. 25 1966
Killed in action while a member of
the 303rd RR Battalion in 1966.
"ASA Officer Career Class (OCC 1-63)
A friend and fellow officer
missed by all who knew him"
-COL. Dick Jones (ret.)class leader
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prplhrtsm.GIF - 5.4 K In Memoriam
Richard Bert Bruce
Sp/4 Army Security Agency
KIA - Binh Dinh Province RVN
Tuesday, March 18, 1969
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June 8th, 1967
USS Liberty AGTR-5
Attacked Without Warning
Never Forget!
For a short run-down on the USS Liberty, attacked by Israel in 1967, pointers to the USS LIBERTY page, and to the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
Check out John Gidusko's homepage
(click on logo below)
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Rocky Chilson
Supports the ASA Website
Go To Rocky's Ditty Bopper Webring
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Jeff Gammon's
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Berlin Reunion Group
FS Berlin Homepage
is now located at:

FS Berlin
Website Designed by
Arne Mahlum
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Paul W. Walker
Ft Dix Jul 66- Sep 66
Ft. Devens 98C20
Sep 66-Jul 67
330th RRC
Jul 67-Feb 68
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371st RRC
Feb 68-Jul 68
Herzo Base
Aug 68-Jul 70

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To all the guys who
helped keep the
Em Club at the
8th RRFS open
from Tet of '68
to May of '69.
Sgt Danny Owen
club manager
for that period.
contact me at:

George "Zazz"Zasadil
05K 1966-70
Kagnew Station 67-68
Ft. Meade 68-70
Looking for
"Gross" Crew Survivors
Kagpatsm.gif - 6.6 K
"A" Trick
Kagnew Station
"Spook "McKay
(the king of grossness)
"Gross Mac" Gomach
(the prince of grossness)
"Wilk" Wilkinson
"Gross"Mike Powers
"Fat" Herb
(The NSG repairman
who gave us our callsigns )
Bill Hunt
Don "gushy gushy"Joy
and any crew members of the
World Record Holding
11 man "pyramid moon" team

Chuck Fairless
In Memoriam
Kagnew Station
Two Rock Ranch
Fairless.GIF - 12.2 K
A good friend missed by all
--Jim Boyce
Carl Huffman
I support the
ASA Website
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98J20/30 schools at
Ft. Devens, MA from
Frankfurt (Main),69
Berlin in 1970
Looking for
A. P. Heintz,
Larry Goodwin,
"Rat" Lawrence,
Bernie Raucher,
Les Banyas,
Steve Gates,
Jim Burnham...
Bill Bogart
Udorn, Thailand
I support the
Army Security Agency Website
For the rememberence
of all who served,
those who survived
but especially
those we lost
and the ones that are
still not forgotten.
John Peart
Ft. Leonard Wood Jan-Feb 66
Ft. Devens March-Dec 66
303 RRBn Hq Co,
RVN Jan-Dec 67
2nd Pt.-101st RRCo.
"Delta to the DMZ"
Sept 68-Sept 69
Looking for
"Snake Platoon"
318th USASA Bn

Dets "J1" & "L1"
Honor all our Brothers
Who Never Returned
Powsm.GIF - 3.7 K
and those
Who Made it Back
Wounded in Body and Spirit
Our prayers are with you
John Brophy (Neblick), Phil Heinicke,
Phil Scott, Gary Ramsey,Karl Wing,
Tony Noll, Bill Casey, Steve Johnson,
Dennis Johnson, John Callahan,
Neil Winston (Jezek),
Dave Hubbard,
Gerfrid Proksch, Spence Whitney
Tom Leath,Col. McFadden.....
Remember DLI,
The Gasthaus Fenneri,
Tirschenreuth, Mahring,
Graf, Herzo Base,
and of course,
"The Wall" in Nurnberg...
" In Memory of :
John Willemssen"
Sinop 1960
Menwith Hill,England 1961-62
Johnny was a great buddy,
a fine husband and father.
He died about ten years ago
at the age of 48.
He is missed by family and friends.
"Good friends are hard to find ..
. and even harder to lose."
  • Process Specification
  • Project Management
  • System Design
  • Application Eng.
  • Integration Services
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Tecnical Support
  • CAD Services
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Tooling Services
  • Total Turnkey Solutions

Doug Alward
Vice President-Core Business
Erie, PA
USASA Former 98G
Goodfellow AFB-USASAFS Korea
In Memory of :
"Tip" Tipton - Kentucky
Dick Gardner - Colorado
"B" Trick, Kagnew Station
1961, 1962
"Good Friends........... Gone But not Forgotten"
Don Tipton
Bill Simons
I Support the Army Security Agency WebSite
I Urge All Who Enjoy the WebSite To Buy Ads
With over new visitors to these pages since Nov 96,
a number that is increasing exponentialy why not rent
an Ad space and Send Your Message to theWorld!
Dedicated to the Men and Women who served at
Kagnew Station - Asmara - Eritrea
and the
People of Eritrea
Al Marzian
1397 Hartland Woods Way
Lexington, Ky 40515
Tony Lopez
05H - Hacker
"ASA WebSite Addict"
Ft. Devens 1969-1970
Nha Trang RVN 330th RRC 1970-71
Vint Hill Farms Sta. 1971-72
This Space Is Dedicated To Everyone Who Served at
3rd USASAFS, Sobe Okinawa

Courtesy Of
Dave Henderson
Arne Mahlum
ASA/INSCOM, 1966-1986
05D or 053A Warrant Officer Aug 68-Aug 69 RVN
372nd and 371st RR Co
In Memory of a Fine ASA Soldier
Reuben Fordahl
374th Radio Research Co-1968
Field Station Hakata-1969 til 71
1st Radio Research Co(Avn)-1968 and 1971-72
Friend, Patriot, American
John Conrad
Dick Routt
(Free The Army)
to all
Herzo Base
Dedicated to all Who Served in the Security Services
of the United States of America and Especially to Those
Who Never Made it Back Home
You Are Not Forgotten

"ASA All The Way"
"Thanks Mike for helping us all come home"

Dave "Swede "Swenson
USASA SEMA 1965-69
Russell R. Lentz
33B @ 7th RRFS 1969-70-33D @ FS Berlin (RED SECTION) 1971
"I urge ALL ASA Vets to support maddog and this great site!"
"Preserve The History of the ASA"
Lentz Communications
2 Way Radio NICAD Batteries Sales Commercial and Amateur
for more information please email us at: or

ralphr.gif - 3.6 K
P.O. Box 2948 - Columbus, Ohio - 43216
05K 1964-1968
13th USASAFS Menwith Hill, England 1965
15th USASAFS Det 27 Manzarelli Station 1966
Co. A USASAGP Det "K" Hwaak San, Korea 1967-68
Roger P. Blake
8th RRFS 1968-69 RVN
7th RRFS 1969 Thailand
Hakata Field Station Japan 1970
"I Support The ASA Pages"
Dennis St. Germaine
303rd RRBn RVN
3rd RRU-Det2 RVN
Rand Dee Bowerman
335th RRC - 9th Inf Div RVN
09/1968 - 06/1971
1116 Plaza Azul
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
"Enjoy your website - keep up the good work!"

Dave Whitney
984.10 (98G)
126th USASA Co., Camp Fuchinobe, Japan
1956 - 1957
126th ASA Co. Det 4 (7514)
(Later became 104th ASA Co. Det4)
Okinawa, Japan
"I support the ASA WebSite and Online History Project"
R. G. Mitchell
USASA 1957 - 1975
1957 - '58 AHS/ Ft Meade
1959 - '61 NSAPAC Japan
1961- '64 Ft. Devens
1964 || 313th ASA BN
Ft. Bragg, NC
1964 - '65 8th RRU
Phu Bai RVN
1965 - 1968
FS Homestead/Cardsound Fla.
1968 -'71 FS Herzo Germany
1971 - 1973 VHFS
1973 - 1974 AHS
1974 - 1975 Ft. Devens
August 1975 - Retired
Ph:(205)- 350-2295
212 Larwood Dr. SW
Decatur , .Alabama
Dedicated to those who served at
7thrrfs.gif - 4.9 K
7th RRFS
Jeff Lane (05h)
Claude "McGoo" Gillette
Supports this Website
Fort Hood , Texas 1964-1965
Chitose, Japan 1965-1967
Korea 1967-1968
and out
(Fantastic Time in the Army)
and I am looking for:
Noel Springer
Vernon Buffington
Ralph R. Reinhold
ASA Guy's!
Let "maddog" and
us know who you are!
More than 20,000 hits and
so few names on the duty roster?
Do you know me?
I'm William (Bill) T. Kinker
-- O58 -- from South Hill Virginia.
This photo shows me leaving Chitose
on my way to Phu Bai -- circa 1967.
If you'd like to get in touch,
contact my buddy
John (Crazy Stick) Chrzastek
(he's the one holding the camera) at:
I'd especially like to hear from
Russel Schick, Gary Norman,
and Don (Bear) Cummings.
kinker.gif - 13.77 K


The Webmaster also wishes to thank the following individuals
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Bill Simons, Don Tipton, John Conrad, Swede Swenson, Jim Hopkins, Doug Alward,Ralph Reinhart, Mark Scott, Dennis Buley, Arne Mahlum,Don Lewis, John Harris, Dave Shively, Sakk Frankenfeld, Robert L. Davis, Steve Klein, Al Marzian, Buck Buchanan, Ralph Richter, Ralph Rheinhold,Jack Haley,Ray Kopczynski Jim Savold, Tony Lopez, Dennis St. Germaine,Dick Rout,Dave Henderson,Curt Wayne ,Gary Bode, Claude Gillette,Dick Jones ,Ralph Reinhardt, Mark Backus, JJ "Okie" O'Connor,John (Crazy Stick) Chrzastek,Don Collins,Ed Railsback, John Brophy,Bill Bogart,Rand Dee Bowerman, RG Mitchell, Dave Whitney, Russ Lentz and many many more.....

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