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8th Radio Research Field Station (8th RRFS)

Organized: 1 November 1964*
Cover Designation: 8th Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 53d US Army Security Agency Special Operations Command (3d RRU)
Supported Command: MACV and MAF
Location: Phu Bai
Reassigned Command: 509th US Army Security Agency Group on 1 June 1966
Redesignation: US Army Security Agency Field Station, Phu Bai on 15 December 1967
Cover Redesignation: 8th Radio Research Field Station
Supported Command: MACV and XXIV Corps on 14 April 1971**
Supported Command: MACV and FRAC on 19 March 1972***
Relocated: Da Nang on 1 November 1972
Discontinued: 26 February 1973
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 1-17
Vietnam Honors: 3 MUCs, 1 RVN CGP, and 1 RVN CA
* Replaced Det J, 3d RRU.
** Upon Departure of the MAF.
***Upon Departure of the XXIV Corps.
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Webmaster Curt Wayine

8th RRFS Cloth Patch's
Courtesy of maddog

8th RRFS Phu Bai Aerial View
From Crusty Luster

Bob Redding's Phu Bai
Courtesy of Roger Blake

Ray Macek's Phu Bai
Courtesy of Ray Macek

8th RRU: Phu Bai 1965-66
Story by Jim Lairson

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