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101st Radio Research Company

Organized: 1 March 1963
Cover Designation: 7th Radio Research Unit
Assigned Command: 82d US Army Security Agency Special Operations Unit (3d RRU)
Supported Command: MACV and USARV
Location: Saigon
Reassigned Command: 509th US Army Security Agency on 1 June 1966
Cover Redesignation: 101" Radio Research Company on 10 September 1966
Redesignation: USASA Security Company, Saigon on 15 December 1967
Relocation: Long Binh on 30 March 1970
Relocation: Saigon on 16 March 1971
Discontinued: 1 April 1972
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 1-17
Vietnam Honors: 4 MUCs and 1 RVN CGP

Lineage : The 101st Radio Research Company was organized under General Order (GO) 6 from HQ USASA, Pacific (USASAPAC) dated 14th February 1963 as the 101st Army Security Agency Security Detachment, TD 87-9417, Saigon Vietnam.
General Order (GO) 48, HQ USASA, Dated 20 May 1966, relieved the Detachment from the 53d USASA Special Operations Command and assigned the det. to the newly organized 509th RRGroup Saigon , Vietnam effective 1 June 1966. GO 46, HQ USASAPAC dated 19 Sept. 1966,amended GO 6, HQ USASAPAC, by changing the special instructions.

Mission: The 101st Radio Research Company (101st RR Co) provided Signal Security support to the US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV), its joint elements, Military Assistance Command Thailand (MACTHAI), and those support elements of the US Army Republic of Vietnam (USARV), which did not receive SIGSEC support from local 509th group direct support units.

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101st RRCo
101st RRCo
101st RRCo
101st RRCo
operated out of DaNang
operated out of Nha Trang
operated out of Long Binh
operated out of Can Tho

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