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"Lonely Ringer"

Lineage & Honors
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The 224th US Army Security Agency Battalion (Aviation) was activated in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam on 1 June 1966 with 36 aircraft and 169 personnel under the designation 224th Avn Bn (RR). The unit peaked at 1,066 personnel and 80 aircraft.During its tour in Vietnam, the 224th participated in fifteen campaigns and received three Meritorious Unit Commendations along with the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm. This unit was comprised of the 1st, 138th, 144th, 146th and 156th RR Co's. The designator "RR" for Radio Research might be found as an appendage to these designators or the unit listed as the "138th RR Co (AVN)" for example.

The 224th Radio Research Bn was raised with HQ at Tan Son Nhut AB ,1 June 1966 . The 224th consisted of four companies, the 138th RR Co at Da Nang, the 144th at Nha Trang, the 146th at Saigon and the 156th at Can Tho. At this time the 224th had 36 aircraft assigned to its four companies; the HQ had no aircraft assigned. These companies provided support in the I, II, III and IV Corps Tactical Zones of Vietnam, respectively. All ASA fixed wing assets in Vietnam were assigned to these companies.

In June 1967, the 1st Radio Research Co deployed to Vietnam and was assigned to the 224th RR Bn. However, unlike the other four companies, the 1st RR Co directly supported the US Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV).

In June 1969, the 224th RR Bn reached its peak in terms of aircraft assigned, 80. This total consisted of eighteen RU-6A, thirty-eight RU-8D, sixteen RU-21D, six RP-2E and two RU-1A. The 224th moved from Tan Son Nhut to Long Thanh North Jan 1970 . In Aug 1972 the batttalion moved back to Tan Son Nhut. The 224th was deactivated on 3 March 1973 in Oakland CA.

224th Radio Research Bn Commanding Officers

MAJ John D. Rieser

Jun 66 - Jul 66

MAJ Donn E. Taylor

Aug 66 - Aug 66

LTC Richard A. Rusk

Aug 66 - Jul 67

LTC George W. Cadmus

Aug 67 - 4 Aug 68

LTC Jimmie King

5 Aug 68 - 24 Jul 69

LTC John P. Brown

25 Jul 69 - 12 Jul 70

LTC Robert Swanson

12 Jul 70 - 22 Jun 71

LTC David Richards

22 Jun 71 - 1 Jun 72

MAJ Gerald E. Lethcoe, Jr.

1 Jun 72 - 20 Nov 72

MAJ Charles S. Simerly

21 Nov 72 - 5 Dec 72

LTC James M. Henderson, Jr

5 Dec 72 - 3 Mar 73

Bn HQ's Location's - Dates

Tan Son Nhut 1 June 1966 - Jan 1970
Long Thanh North Jan 1970 - Aug 1972
Tan Son Nhut Aug 1972 - 3March 1973

Campaign Participation for 224th RR Bn

Vietnam Counteroffensive


Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase II

Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase III

Tet Counteroffensive


Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase IV

Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase V

Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase VI

Tet 69/Counteroffensive


Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969


Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970


Sanctuary Counteroffensive


Vietnam Counteroffensive

Phase VII

Consolidation I


Consolidation II


Vietnam Cease fire




Meritorious Unit Commendation

1 June 66 - 30 Apr 67

Meritorious Unit Commendation

1 May 67 - 30 Jun 69

Meritorious Unit Commendation

1 Jan 71 - 30 Jun 72

Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm

1 Jan 70 - 3 Mar 71

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