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 The ASA ONLINE is dedicated to ALL the men and women who served as the eyes and ears of the US Army and the Nation in peace time and in wars both Cold and Hot . On top of mountains,on islands,in jungles and deserts on the sea and in the air In places most Americans never heard of... places we will never forget. This is OUR story told by those of us who were there.

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 DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an official or unofficial government site. The opinions expressed inside are those of the authors and do not neccesarily reflect the views of anyone else.This website is not affiliated with any government agency or department , foreign or domestic. Only items so marked are copyrighted. This is a not for profit site,and exists for educational purposes ONLY. All expenses for this site are paid by me. John Sinks, webmaster of Npoint contibutes the server space to benefit his fellow ASA veterans..Feel free to use anything .I only ask that you not alter it in any way and that you credit the source. If you wish to reproduce the copyrighted material..please ask the authors.If their email is not ,listed email us ,ASA ONLINE,and I will ask.This site is by ASA vets and for ASA vets and their familys, friends, and anyone else who believes that the price of Liberty and Freedom is constant vigilance..If I have inadvertently posted copyrighted material ,please let me know and I will remove it. There is NO classified information on these pages.Material offered is openly available on the net and at your local library.

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